Knitting while learning

I feel doubly productive when I knit while I’m knitting and learning.  I had to attend a two-day training on Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and I was able to do a lot of plain stockinette knitting while I listened to the presenter, gaining some good ground on my Waterlily.  waterlily-2I think I had about 2 inches when I started knitting on Thursday.  I’m at about 13 after two days of knitting and listening.  The yarn is Louet Gems fingering in Terra Cotta.

waterlilyI added waist shaping and I’m adding extra length before the armholes, probably knitting until about 14.5″ before moving on to the lace.  It’s been a relaxing knit so far.

9 thoughts on “Knitting while learning

  1. People usually think that we are not able to listen AND knit at the same time but it’s untrue! I used to knit during some classes, and my mind was fully focused on my studies. I knitted quite a few pair of socks and scarves while listening. 😉
    Love the color and pattern you chose!

  2. My waterlily is blocking as I write this. I also added length to the body and decided, on the fly, not to add in waist shaping, even thought the original plan was to add some. The silhouette is an experiment for me but pre-blocking it looked pretty good! I’m excited to yours!

  3. Totally agree, knitting while learning is just great. It helps focus the mind on the topic while helping progress wips in an amazing way. I think you actually knit faster when you listen to something interesting.

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