Gee whiz

Have you ever heard a nearly two-year-old child say, “Gee whiz?”  It’s fantastically adorable. I’ve been coaxing Z to say that lately and it makes me smile.

Gee whiz, that yarn is really bright.  kit-4My Kit Camisole has reached the section of linen stitch at the bust, so it seems like I’m making good progress.  The linen does wear on my hands, but since my knitting time has decreased drastically by working full time, my hands can handle working on this every day.  The yarn is Louet Euroflax in Sunset.  I am decreasing 6 extra stitches on this size 39″ version, about an inch and a half before the linen stitch at the bust.  I’d rather have a slightly more fitted bust this time.

kit-3The linen stitch is going to slooooowww me down, but I can always jump back to the Waterlily or back to my Truly Outrageously striped socks if I need a break with some bouncy wool.

Happy Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “Gee whiz

  1. I was so hoping for a little sound bite! Haha. I can’t believe Z is nearly 2.

    Your Kit is looking so great! I had to order my yarn, so I probably won’t get started for another week or so. It’s definitely linen tank weather now, though, so I’m excited.

  2. Awww, gee whiz! I spent most of my time with my grandparents as a kid so I used lots of old peopley slang. 🙂 I love love LOVE this color! It’s going to be amazing!

  3. Ah, it’s a lovely colour. Our almost three year old has taken to saying ‘cheese and whiskers’ which is one of the sayings on a local television program for kids (Bananas in Pajamas). It’s quite cute.

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