Socks on Sunday

It’s been a glorious Sunday.  This morning I got to have breakfast with two treasured friends, then I saw Maleficent and finished these socks in the theater: sunday socks-2The yarn is Julianna”s Lucky Star Sock Yarn in Truly Outrageous.  It has a hint of sparkle, but isn’t over the top with it.

sunday socks-3I lucked out with the self-striping and my heel flap.  The stripes were barely disturbed.  Even though I know an afterthought heel would always allow uninterrupted self-striping, I just love the feel of a heel flap.

sunday socksThey’re just another pair of toe-up two-at-a-time socks done on magic loop with a heel flap. That’s my go-to vanilla sock format.  I have enough left to make Z some socks, though I think I’m going to start making her socks as tube socks (no heels) so she can grow into them for a longer time.  I’ll add this to the Operation Sock Drawer list.

I also got some super bright Regia Fluormania sock yarn from my LYS last week.  I can’t wait to make socks out of this!! It’s colorway 7188.  Happy Sunday! fluromania

14 thoughts on “Socks on Sunday

  1. They look wonderful Cassie! And while we are onto socks, can I send a question your way???? It’s to do with your toe up sock pattern where I get a little scrambled at the point where you are heading up the body of the sock.

  2. I really do love the pink, blue, yellow, gray combination. I have a question for you…Why do you like the heel flap heel. I’m a very new sock knitter–I have completed 2/3 of my very first sock and am interested why a knitter chooses the heel she does. My first sock has been a short row heel. I certainly do like how it looks but would love to know your reason behind the flap heel. Thanks again for being such a wonderful inspiration.
    Pamela (Tucson, AZ)

    • I think the heel flap adds a little bit of cushion and more durability to socks. The heel takes regular hits, so I think reinforcement mades a good difference. When you knit a heel flap there are slipped stitches that thicken the fabric.

  3. Gah! These are so much fun! I am trying not to buy any sock yarn this summer (with the idea that it’ll force/inspire me to knit up some lovelies from my stash), but I keep seeing this Flouromania popping up and my resistance is weakening. I’m going away in July, so maybe I’ll luck out and visit an LYS that stocks it – holiday yarn shopping is always encouraged, after all.

  4. This yarn is awesome, I wanted to buy the blue-green colourway but couldn’t find it (never mind – I have TONS of sock yarn ….). The socks look awesome! I like your idea of making the heel with the slipped stitches (I never really saw that before on your socks, sorry if you always do that, I wasn’t paying proper attention), it looks very comfortable and stable! 😀

    Very, very nice. 😀

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