Sometimes socks turn into mittens

mittens-2These mittens started out as socks meant to match my recent sock project.  I planned on making tube socks (no heels), but as I counted how far the stripes were taking me, I knew socks wouldn’t really work out.  My second plan was to turn them into mittens.

I used this pattern for inspiration.  It’s written for a different weight, but I used the basic format.  Instead of using waste yarn for the thumb and closing it up later, I cast on 4 stitches and increased into each stitch with kf&b’s for two rows to increase to 16.  Then I knit to the length I wanted and joined with the body before the gusset decreases.  Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 7.19.58 PMI did that yesterday with the orange thumb shown above.  The yarn was a bit thicker and seemed too long, so I did this: IMG_20140626_130851then this: IMG_20140626_131137and some unraveling, IMG_20140626_131243and some picking up. IMG_20140626_131559Please excuse the poor pics.  This was a lunch time operation.  I’m happy with the result.

mittensAnd Z can wear the mittens!  I might need to make the thumb a smidge longer. She’s wearing a swimsuit and sandals in this pic…

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