Red, and textured, and bitten all over.

My Kit Camisole #2 is finished!  kit-4I did the final edging and binding off last night and soaked it briefly, wrung it out in a towel, slapped it against my thighs to straighten it out, and let it dry until tonight.  I think I love it even more than the first one! kit2

This definitely has a few more mods than the first time I did it.  I used Louet Euroflax Sport in Sunset.  Since I used a heavier yarn (again), my gauge was off…more like 26 sts over 4 inches instead of 27.  It’s not a huge difference, but it does add more ease.  I cast on for the 38″ size and made mostly as specified until right before the linen stitch at the bust.  About 2 inches before that, I decided to add some additional decreases around the linen stitch column in the back.  I decreased an extra 6 stitches total.  Then after dividing for the front (I split the total evenly between front and back), I did armhole decreases until I reached the number for front of the 34″ size.

kitI think I could have decreased even slightly further, because I’m not crazy about the way the front gaps forward sometime, but it’s still a marked improvement over the last time.  As for the straps, the pattern instructs where you are supposed to mark on either side of the center stitch for seaming, and that is meant to be the innermost strap seam point.  I made that my outermost strap edge for seaming, moving the straps in further than the last time I made this top.  I think this move makes it much easier to keep my bra straps covered.  kit-5

As I was taking these pics I got A MILLION mosquito bites!  Argh!  I could see them swarming, but there was little I could do because I really wanted some good shots while there was still light.  You can see some bites if you look closely in the pics.  Note to self: apply liberal amounts of citronella spray next time.  My ankles and all exposed upper body flesh are screaming right now, but I got the shots.  kit-3

Happy Tuesday!

16 thoughts on “Red, and textured, and bitten all over.

  1. I love this version! That sunset/coral colour is so fun.

    I hear you on the mosquito bites. We were camping for the last few days and I have bites everywhere, despite using a ton of bug spray. So annoying, but so worth it.

  2. I love how you modify things for the perfect fit- and it is perfect! I like the extra ease and the gap at the neckline. Lately I’m all about ease. At the same time I love a tank that hides straps. Can’t stand having a set or two of straps sticking out from under my knits.

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