Ribbed for his pleasure

fiddlehead-3These socks have been languishing on the needles since mid-February, but they are now finished!  The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the colorway Fiddlehead.  I used most of the ball, but I have about 17.5 grams left–enough to make Z some matching socks if I choose.  Matt would prefer I use the entire ball, each time, to have the tallest socks possible, but I get bored with the yarn and the socks sometimes and I’d rather just move on to something else.  I’m comfortable calling it good when I hit at least a 6 inch cuff or taller when working toe-up.  fiddlehead-2

I went with my usual recipe, toe-up with a heel flap, two-at-a-time, using magic loop.  Check out my sock patterns for the general recipe.  I did a 1×1 rib on this version, because Matt often has problems with sock sag.  I love doing mostly stockinette for the speed, but I like the look of the 1×1 rib as well.  fiddleheadShepherd Sock is moderately durable.  I made him another pair of socks out of this yarn and they’re holding up pretty well, but we don’t machine wash and dry them.  I’ve also found that this yarn has some odd pooling at smaller sock circumferences.  The first pair I made for him out of this yarn was going to be mine until I discovered the pooling was bad at 64 sts, but disappeared at 72, so they became socks for Matt.  Lucky guy.

11 thoughts on “Ribbed for his pleasure

  1. Yay, socks! I’m working on a pair right now to eat up some yarn overload I have going on in my living room. I really love the yarn that you chose.

  2. I love the colors! Beautiful! Don’t worry about it taking long. I know it took me forever to finish a scarf.

  3. His feet look very happy in them. 🙂 You do something quite interesting with the heel sole – do you slip stitch the bottom part as well for bit for durability?

  4. Lucky Matt indeed! This is such a great colourway, but I too have heard stories about Lorna’s Laces producing weird pooling, so I’ve steered clear so far. I wonder if he’ll find less sag with the shorter cuff… L prefers his cuffs on the short side (6 inches would be his max) and so far sagging hasn’t been an issue.

  5. Yes, I’ve found the same problem with the Lorna’s Laces and the pooling. Above 64 sts it works fine, below that the pooling is bad.

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