Mini stasher

I have gotten some yarns recently that I haven’t been on top of getting in my Ravelry stash, so yesterday I was trying to get pics of some of these and catalog them.  If you don’t already use Ravelry’s stash page to catalog your yarns it’s an AMAZING feature of the site.  It really helps organize knitting projects by what you already have.  And then if you’re like me you can quickly see that you don’t have exactly what you need for a certain project, so therefore you must buy more yarn.  Ahem.

It’s also fun to organize your queue with specific yarns in mind, and it’s much easier to do a quick stash browse for a project knowing exactly how many yards you have left.  When you start a new project and say “Use stash yarn” on the yarn choice, you can pull from the stash.  If you are diligent and weigh the remaining yarn and put an accurate amount in the project page, Ravelry automatically subtracts from the total stash for that yarn and keeps track of what you have left.  Cool, huh?

I have a lot of yarn.  I’m not SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy), but I don’t hesitate to hoard  collect sweater quantities of sale yarns, and I especially don’t hesitate to buy beautiful sock yarn when I feel I must have it, (which is often).  My stash page definitely took a good amount of time to set up, but it was worth every moment of effort, and maintenance is pretty simple once you have it going.

So, the yarn… Z was “helping” me take pictures, and I got a few of her absconding with some DK weight Happy Feet.  stasher-2Every time I put the yarn down on the table to take a pic she promptly picked it up.



stasher-5She’s not even two yet, and I think she’s hooked on this stuff.

hermiones-3She turns 2 on the 31st!  Can’t believe she’s that big already.

Some recent yarns I’ve gathered: happy feetPlymouth Yarn Co Happy Feet DK in Lemon-Lime Sherbert for a Pinwheel Blanket.

londonOn-line Supersocke in the London colorway for future socks for Matt.

new yorkOn-line Supersocke in the New York colorway for a future secret project.

aimeeLouisa Harding Aimee in the color Cupid for a 3/4 sleeve Gemini for me.

louet orchidAnd some Louet Euroflax in Orchid, because it was a new color and I think it makes the best summer tops.  I don’t have a specific one in mind, but I’m sure I’ll love making something with it next summer.

I’m already ready for fall knits.  Am I crazy, or what? This SSKAL announcement has me all fired up to make a fall sweater.  I’m thinking Coda.  I also started a men’s sweater design out of Cascade Eco+, a nice thick Aran weight.  Perfect for upcoming August weather.  Ha!  I reorganized my queue  to get fall/winter things toward the top.  Once I finish the Linum Tee, I think my summer knitting is over.  With that finished, I will have completed 6 spring/summer tops for the season, and I’m ready to move on to the heavy hitters.  The school I work at starts August 5th, so that’s probably feeding into my fall frenzy as well.  Is anyone else ready for fall knits?  What are you planning on knitting this year?

26 thoughts on “Mini stasher

  1. Good SSKAL choice! I’ve basically given up on summer knits and have moved on to fall sweaters, and I don’t even care who thinks I’m crazy. It’s crazy not to be planning ahead for the fall, in my opinion!

    • I like that you are thinking about fall knits. Summer is almost over. Its like in the late winter we start summer projects. Hope you like my blog. Im still trying to figure it out.

  2. I think I may be in serious knitting trouble – but I’ve joined the SSKAL (thanks for the link!) and I’m doing the Designs by Joji KAL and I’m already in the Socks with Sarah KAL. Jee I love knitting ….. and that striped cardigan you did with the blue and the yellow/green? To. Die.For.

  3. Oh my gosh, Z’s mischievous little yarn-thief face. Adorable!

    I love the Ravelry stash feature. It’s so helpful when you’re planning what to knit. I also find it really helpful when I’m in an LYS and trying to decide on a colour for a yarn I must have but, you know, maybe don’t need – the stash tab helps me see what colours are over-represented in my stash and which I might want more of.

    Also, thank you for reminding me about the sskal! I loved doing it last year and I think it’ll be what pushed me to knit Stasis in time for the fall! I cast on months ago, got a few inches into the sleeves and got distracted. This is the perfect time to knit it though! Coda is so nice, and is definitely something you could wear to work or on the weekend.

  4. Z is so cute! She looks quite energetic 🙂 It is brutally hot here in AZ (they’ve even pulled out the excessive heat advisory), so I’m hoping to get in a summer top before turning to fall knits!

  5. Okay, Cassy, you completely inspired me to finish cataloging and photographing my yarn today. I think I’m done. I had a helper too, but she’s not near as sweet as your little one. She also bites and scratches.

  6. Z is such a poppet! And your stash looks lovely … lots of variety there.

    My yarn is listed on Ravelry, but I don’t have pics of most of it … that should be remedied I think. Not that I’m doing much knitting lately … I’m plagued by a shoulder injury.

  7. Such a cute little girl you have! Z is adorable!
    And the yarn you stahed… great choice! My fav – the orchid one.

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