The teeniest of sneak peeks

Though I wish I was casting on for the Summer Sweater KAL right this moment since it starts today, it will be a couple of days until I am able to do so.  In the meantime, I’m finishing up a little surprise something for a friend.  This is as much as I can show you because the object is still a secret. surprise

Also, the yarn I ordered for my SSKAL Coda is in the mail rather than in my hands.  I found some Summer Sky Heather Cascade 220 on sale and couldn’t resist getting it.  I had been planning on using more of the Pyrite Heather I used on our family sweaters from last year, but I just couldn’t bring myself to knit with it again so soon.  I used it on a Beatnik for last year’s SSKAL and while I love the color, I felt I needed something brighter for now.  I have some Cascade 220 in Straw and Provence in my stash, but those are in larger quantities than I need on this sweater, so I want to save them for Stranger Cardigan  and September Morn.  Both of those sweaters are on my fall/winter sweater queue, but Coda will likely be worn sooner in the season, so it gets to be my SSKAL project.  Luckily, for this I don’t have to worry about swatching because I’ve knit several sweaters in Cascade 220 on a size 7 needle that get me 4.5 sts an inch, so I get to cast on Coda as soon as the yarn hits my doorstep!

8 thoughts on “The teeniest of sneak peeks

  1. I’m waiting for yarn in the mail too. Isn’t it the best and worst feeling? Knowing that you have just the yarn you want headed your way but having to wait to start knitting.

  2. This is why I can’t read too many knitting blogs. I have myself on a knitting schedule and I think I have just added every single pattern to my favorites. I’m currently not letting myself go and cast on to make my own September Morn. 😉

  3. just saw your family photos! so jealous, they are awesome! I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and love it. keep those needles moving lol.

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