Starting over

Oy.  An hour ago this ball of yarn was an object that I thought was almost finished.  And now it’s a ball of yarn.start overThere was no fixing it.  This object-that-shall-not-yet-be-named was the wrong shape, and there was no way around it.  All 600+ yards of yarn that had been knit thus far had to be rrrrrrripped.  I thought I’d be handing this over to the intended recipient tomorrow!

Hard knitting day.

27 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. Well it’s a small consolation that the ball of yarn is having a very good colour moment in that bowl. Sometimes satisfying when things fit in places. Sorry to hear you’ve had to start over!

  2. So annoying, deflating, frustrating, and a myriad of other negative feelings, but SO worth it in the end. I think it takes strength to start again, or start a large part of your work over again .. In the long run, it’s always so much better. I also think it’s better to feel a little frustrated etc, then continue and look at the finished piece and say, ‘dam it, I should’ve started over when I first thought!”

  3. I’ve done this too. It takes strength to rip it all out and admit that what was envisioned is not what came off the needles. Usually it means that the yarn wants to be something else. When you find what it wants to be the end result will be spectacular.

  4. Can’t tell you how many times I have done this with my latest project. Luckily it has not been too far in. Well done for doing it, not easy even though you know you have to. It’ll make it sweeter next time.

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