SSKAL14 begins!

The yarn came Monday afternoon!  Now I can turn this: 

summer skyinto this for this year’s Summer Sweater KAL. The yarn is Cascade 220 in Summer Sky heather, one of the most truly gorgeous yarns my eyes have beheld. codaMmmm.

coda-2Though the unstretched ribbing looks like a sweater fit for a child, it does indeed fit over my hips. I tested it just to be sure.  I’m making the 37″ size and I might add a tad more waist shaping than called for in the pattern, but it looks like it will be an interesting part of the journey when I get to the top, and in the meantime, the subtle heathered blues will enchant me.  The KAL started a week ago, so I’d better get going!  I have a couple of secret projects that may slow me down, but I’ll make time for the beautiful Coda.

14 thoughts on “SSKAL14 begins!

  1. I love that sweater and almost chose it! The color of that yarn is perfect. Can’t wait to see it! I started my Worsted Boxy with Malabrigo Worsted in Kaleidos. And I only have to finish a sweater and keep up with Socks with Sarah KAL ………… knitting all day long ……………….

  2. Summer sky indeed! This is going to be beautiful. Cascade 220 is such a good workhorse yarn. I’m using the 220 Paints for my Ease and it makes stockinette a pleasure.

  3. Beautiful! Could you talk about your yarn buying process? I get the impression that you choose a pattern, then order the perfect yarn. I’d love to hear the benefits of this technique. It seems to take a lot of willpower, but you only crank out beautifully fitted and flattering projects.

    • Good question! I do often choose the yarn after I get a pattern, but sometimes it’s the other way around and I search Ravelry’s advanced pattern finder for patterns that will fit yarns in my stash. I’ve been on a Cascade 220 fix because it’s affordable, I know how the yarn wears and behaves when knitting it, I know it will work for this gauge because I’ve made several other projects with this yarn in a similar gauge, and it comes in beautiful colors. When it comes to sock yarn, I totally impulse buy most of the time. If I find sale yarns I might buy about 1300-1700 yarns in worsted weight, knowing that amount will make some kind of sweater for Matt or me. My buying process is more emotionally driven than practical most of the time, but I have been trying to reign myself in the last few years by buying more for specific projects or in quantities large enough for sweaters. I have many “hat” or “arm warmer” quantities of yarn in my stash that have been sitting there for years without actually becoming hats or arm warmers, so I have been trying not to do that as often. Lately I’ve been sticking to sweater quantities or sock potential yarns. Thanks for the compliment! There were many knitting years before I was using Ravelry or consistently posting projects and blogging where I whipped up a lot of meh knitted items. It just takes time and an honest assessment of what I’ll actually wear. I still get it wrong plenty of times though.

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