Fisherman’s rib on a blue wave

In the midst of a few secret and public projects, I forgot about my Linum Tee.  I’ve been so excited about fall knits like Coda and a secret sweater project I’ve been working on, that it completely slipped my mind that I have a fabulous lightweight linen top that is perfect for this unabating August.  linumSeymour is an expert project inspector. I’ve altered the gauge to be about 26 sts over 4 inches, hoping this will be a top that won’t require an undershirt for casual wear.  It will depend on how low that wave on the front of the fisherman’s rib dips when wearing it, of course.  I’m making the 48″ size, and it should end up around 37″.  That way I don’t have to think about altering numbers and I get the size I want.

I’m ready to do the short rows and neck bind off at this point.  It requires too much focus to be taken to work for breaks or meetings, so it will be an evening and weekend only project from now on.

linum-2Really, Seymour isn’t even a little impressed.

10 thoughts on “Fisherman’s rib on a blue wave

  1. Seymour may not be impressed but he’s a pretty impressive cat. I think your tee is beautiful, too. Love the color. If you do have to wear something under the top those tanks/camisoles with the built-in bras are nice for that.

  2. The top looks great but I think Seymour stole the show as Project Inspector 😉 My cats have an insatiable need to sit on top of my projects, usually while I am working on them!

  3. I enjoy seeing all of your projects and consider myself a real “fan” of your blog. Now, I’m even a fan of your Project Inspector. Quality control is so important and Seymour seems well-qualified for the “job.” Fun post!

  4. OMG, I am not normally a cat person, buy Seymour is darling! And I envy your ability to knit! Wonderful top and great color! The yarn looks very posh. Consider me a new fan of both your blog and your project inspector!

  5. Huh! I’m on the same wavelength. I’m doing size 53″ and going for 43″ finished size at 6 stitches/inch. How did your neckline turn out?

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