One sleeve at a time

If some knitting can be done in pairs, I usually do so.  I always knit socks in pairs, and I almost always do the same for sleeves.  This time I changed my mind.  coda-6The sleeves are simple enough and could be done two at a time, but I have several projects going where I’m pulling from both ends of a wound ball and I get tired of untwisting it, so I decided to just do these one at a time and avoid that on this project.  Much of the raglan/yoke shaping is tracked row by row in the pattern, so it will be easy to keep things identical.

coda-7This sweater is making me long for colder weather.

18 thoughts on “One sleeve at a time

  1. Thank you for showing the back. I was wondering how the cables and the rest of the top went together. I’m a very new knitter so maybe this is why I couldn’t see what was going on. How hard is it to make sleeves longer. Being over 65, I like to cover up my …ahem… flabby upper arms. Is it a big deal on most tops?

    • Making sleeves longer is an easy alteration on this pattern. After you start the sleeve you can just keep going as long as you like. I will probably add an inch or so.

  2. I love this sweater so much. I can’t wait to see it finished! For the first time ever, I knit my sleeves two-at-a-time for my sskal project. It felt like a slog at the time, but I am so pleased to have them both finished and perfectly matched.

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