Hermione’s Everyday Fall Socks

hermione-2I finished these a few days ago and felt like I should get them up on the blog before I hand them off to my friend, Susan.  The pattern is Hermione’s Everyday Socks, a free and fairly ubiquitous sock favorite on Ravelry.  It’s an easy pattern repeat that works well with variegated sock yarn.  The yarn is Pagewood Farms Chugiak in Army Girl.  It reminds me of fall apples. I did it toe-up with a heel flap, rather than top-down as the pattern specifies.

hermioneThese are hasty kid-just-went-down-for-a-nap photos, so you can see the line from the hand knit socks I was wearing all morning above the cuff of these.  I’ve got a few other projects hanging out on the needles.  One is a secret birthday project, one is Linum Tee (which I can’t seem to make myself want to finish though I am maybe 2 inches from doing so), then I have Simple Skyp socks, a pair of Regia Flourmania socks that I haven’t photographed yet, and a Like Sleeves for Kids.  I’m thinking of casting on a Vitamin D any second, because it seems like a great summer to fall transition piece.

26 thoughts on “Hermione’s Everyday Fall Socks

  1. Love the subtle colour pooling – what a lovely gift for a friend. I have just finished the Simple Skyp Socks and was very impressed with how quickly they grew and how nicely they fitted. I have only ever done toe-up socks and every time I come to the heels I procrastinate as I find them quite fiddly and needing lots of concentration – the joy of the Simple Skyp Socks was that I was happily following the pattern and all of a sudden realised I had done the heels – no fuss, no angst – very easy. I might have to change from toe-up to cuff-down down!

  2. Wow they look really nice and comfy! I wish I could knit that beautiful socks 😦 Love your blog, just found it minutes ago :)) I am following now, waiting for new posts 🙂 ♥

    Romy ♥

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