Continued progress

I’ve made some continued progress on the knitting of Vitamin D.  I finished the sleeves, which the pattern instructs to finish before doing the body.  It’s nice to have them done, and I now know if I have a little extra yarn I can tack on an extra inch like I’d like, rather than risking shorter sleeves.  vitdsleeves-2This has been sweet relief from any knits that require thinking.  I’m in the middle of two designs.  Well, really it’s an adult design and a mini version, but that’s where the thinking part comes in.  I have the pattern written for the adult version, and most of it mapped out for the mini version.  With some input from my helpful tech editor I’m whipping it into shape, but it requires so much thinking that it feels like serious homework at this point, so I’ve been burying myself in simpler things, like soothing Vitamin D.


8 thoughts on “Continued progress

  1. This is looking awesome. I’ve had this pattern on my radar for years now and your version is seriously peaking my interest once again. Some simple, easy knitting feels just right these days.

  2. Thanks to your post, I may have bought this pattern and a few more so I could get the discount. I’m looking forward to going to Vogue Knitting and swooping up enough yarn to knit this 🙂

  3. Прикольно. Я раньше никогда не пробовала расширять в реглане только рукава, а спинку и полочку в теле вещи. Надо попробовать. Спасибо за подсказку

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