October is for socks

It’s Socktober again. Yesterday, as soon as I cast off the Simple Skyp Socks I immediately wound the Rebublic of Wool yarn I got in the mail last Friday and started some toes!

monkeyI’m making Monkeys, though I’m going toe-up and doing them both at once.  This is my third time using this sock pattern. It’s lovely for variegated sock yarns.  It’s an 11 row repeat that’s easy to memorize and it gets a little addictive, making me want to finish just one more repeat, thus I’m already a few inches in.  I have some other pressing projects to finish, but these are off to a good start to finish this month. The yarn is the lovely Twist Fingering in the color Artificial Light by Republic of Wool.

12 thoughts on “October is for socks

  1. I love socktober!!! I’m eager to try this pattern. I have never tried socks going toe up before or doing them both at once. Good thing it is still relatively early in the month.

    Beautiful choice of duo-yarn colour 🙂

  2. Do you have any tips for two-at-a-time socks knit from both ends of the yarn cake? Every time I’ve tried it, I have a tangled mess. And even with a scale, I hate splitting the skein evenly.

    • I just have to stop and untwist the ball every few rows to keep it from getting out of hand. Sometimes this gets really annoying, and once in awhile too much of the center comes out and makes a crazy mess. I don’t have any better tips, but if anyone else does…please share!

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