More rejected knitwear

Ok, ok. I’m trying to be cool about this. I finished this Like Sleeves tunic several weeks ago and so far the few attempts to put it on Z for a picture have been met with staunch refusal. I still have hope. We haven’t had many cold days, so I have only tried a few times, and I don’t want to push her. Maybe I should start doing intarsia monkeys or elephants or bunnies on all her knitted clothes… She loves those animals.likesleeves

The pattern is called Like Sleeves and I used Cascade 220 Superwash in Summer Sky.  I made the 3-4 T size so she could wear it for a few years.  That gives me plenty of time to convince her of its warm worthiness. I added a couple of inches length like I always do with her tops.


She’s still not wearing this little cardigan, which kind of breaks my heart because fits perfectly (in the 30 second try-ons I’ve been successful with) and there have been several great occasions for her to wear it. As soon as we get it on her she rips it right off. On the other hand, she loooooves this sweater and never fusses about this one either, so I’m hoping she can be coaxed into Like Sleeves one of these days. It seems she prefers pullovers to cardigans. If it can be unbuttoned, it can be ripped off. She’s also going through a phase where she hates to get dressed and undressed, so I’ll try my best to be patient until that passes. Sigh.

30 thoughts on “More rejected knitwear

  1. If this is any consolation, the first time I knit a hat for my son, he took the scissors to it. Yep, a nice big hole ! At least, ultimate rejection means you can either recycle the yarn or gift to someone else.

  2. I’ve been there and suffered that as well. I put little animal patches on some of my daughters knitted garments I made, and also I put a (silk like ) material as a lining to the outfits.. I found her putting them on all by herself after that. She still adores anything of real silk .. as I can say now her closet is filled with silk blouses..(She is all grown up now.) Good luck and hope some of these ideas help your quest .. ribbons too work well.. Take care and happy blogging

  3. If she’s anything like my daughter, it’s not going to pass… it’s only going to get worse. I’ve only made one thing that she’ll actually wear. I’ve given up and only made things she asks for now… mostly toys.

  4. I love the color and the tunic. When it gets chilly she will like it. I am going to make something out of that color. Not sure what, but I love that color.

  5. As my daughter’s got older, I’ve let her choose the wool, the pattern and even knit one or two of the stitches herself, ifshethinks she made it, she’s mir likely to wear it 😉

  6. Your title made me laugh, sorry, I know it isn’t funny. I have the same problem here. I do not know how many things I have knitted for mine which have just been politely ignored.
    On the other hand, whenever I make something for someone else, the big one cries and says: But I want one too.
    Maybe you could develop that into a strategy?
    Oh, and the top is really lovely!

  7. Hugs to you! I hope that it will pass again. I never made a top for my niece, only socks – but I am waiting when I get the first rejection, because she doesn’t want handknit socks anymore.

  8. perhaps you could have her pick out some yarn and you knit or crochet some flowers for the dress and then let her pick out a button to put in the middle of the flower…. good luck. It is a beautiful piece of creativity.

  9. Oh goodness….my little sister went through a phase where she wore the same dress with snow boots for a year. At least Z has bitten on some of the cute stuff you’ve made her!

  10. The first pair of socks that I knitted for my fiancé were ones that he immediately removed and said “they’re too big.” Ouch, the heartbreak. Here’s hoping your little one will come around to her special sweater!

    • Oh no! Rejected socks?! That’s even more of a hurt. The top is HUGE. She could probably wear it till age 5, so there’s plenty of time to be patient.

  11. My daughter is the same, she refused to wear anything i knitted her. The only thing she will wear is a cardigan that she chose the colours for, its pretty loud but she’s happy!

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