NaKniSweMo 2014 results

I’ve had this Paloma finished for about a week now, but it always takes a little time to get pictures, so my reporting of it is a bit delayed. paloma-3I’m very pleased with the outcome. I did this pattern almost exactly to specifications for the 38.5″ size, I did add an extra 2 inches to the length because I’m somewhat long-waisted and usually add at least that much to sweaters. I wanted to make sure that it was the long and cozy length shown in the pattern, so 22″ on me did just that. palomaThis sweater knit up very quickly for me. Bulky yarn (Cascade Ecological Wool) on a size 10 needle flies by. I did add an extra increase to the top of the sleeves because I was hoping for more ease in the sleeves like my Oshima sweater has. Even with the extra increase, this didn’t really happen as I expected. It’s still totally comfortable, so no loss there. paloma-2For the remainder of the winter knitting season, any sweaters for myself will likely be cardigans or oversized pullovers. Shown above is a baby bump of 17 weeks. Cardigans seem like the best option at this point to stay warm and still be able to knit new things. Of course, in a couple of weeks when I find out the sex of the baby I’ll have a whole cadre of new things to start knitting…

paloma-4As quick as the knitting part was, the finishing took forever, or so it seemed. I spent all last Tuesday parked on the couch seaming, working the pockets, making the button band, and weaving in ends. I started at 8:30 am and kept at it with only bathroom or snack breaks until about 4:30. I had anticipated all of that taking about half that amount of time. Ha! I think it was well worth the work and I hope to enjoy wearing this for years to come.

Surely between this sweater and the two Abate sweaters I made for Z I must have hit 50,000 sweater stitches last month (the goal of NaKniSweMo). I love participating in that event and can’t wait for next year!

30 thoughts on “NaKniSweMo 2014 results

  1. I so enjoy seeing the amazing knits emerge from your needles. Congrats on the very special WIP! Yay! More adorable baby photo shoots are in store for us!

  2. I’m at the same point in my pregnancy, expecting my second as well. Exciting times for cardigan knitters! Congrats on the adorable bump and also on the awesome and super cozy looking sweater.

  3. So beautiful! I love the main stitching pattern. I’m 18 weeks and expecting my second as well. I just got the go ahead to start knitting for our first little girl. Happy and healthy pregnancy to you! Can’t wait to see what you CO for your newest addition!

  4. Congratulations on the bumpage! I love the cardigan. I’m still working (in fits and starts) on my first ever knitted cardigan which I cast on over a year ago, so I’m totally in awe of your ability to knit 3 sweaters in a month! Something to aspire to!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! That’s awesome! 😀

    That is a really, really beautiful sweater. Usually I am not so much for “big” knitting, but this is great! The stitch pattern is very interesting as well – and I like the buttons you chose! Looks like something you can snuggle into.

    Have a great week! 🙂

  6. Just received my yarn from Webs so I can knit the same sweater. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see what you knit for the little one on the way!

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