My brother, the ham.

ham-7I made my brother a Howlcat for Christmas, and it turns out that he loves it. He was a real ham for the camera. ham-10 Howlcat can be worn as a cowl or a double thick hat. This is good for my brother, Charlie, because he lives in Minnesota. That seems like a complete frozen tundra to me since I live much further south in Arkansas. Just thinking of those winters makes me shudder. ham-4Charlie requested “a hat that actually fits” for Christmas this year, as two previous attempts were not large enough for his 23.5″ noggin. For this hat I added 10 extra stitched to the width, and a full inch to both sections.

ham-12I used some Cascade 220 Superwash in Summer Sky and some Knit Picks Essential Solids and Twists in Brown. Both are washable, which is a good thing for those that aren’t wool aficionados by nature. The hat took slightly less than one ball for each. ham-6It was extremely gratifying to see him wear it for hours each day at my parent’s house from the time he opened the package until we parted ways a few days later. Christmas gift success!

More examples to come soon…

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