Another baby, another pinwheel blanket

pinwheel-2Please excuse the indoor light. I was far too impatient to hand this off to my friend, Canem, on New Year’s Eve for her baby that was due the following week. Luckily she and her husband have a very bright kitchen. I can’t seem to stop making Pinwheel Blankets when I want to make a baby blanket. I love the round shape, and the design works well for all kinds of wilder sock yarns.

This yarn is ONLine Supersocke in the colorway New York, which seems appropriate for this couple since they are recent transplants from NYC. I used two skeins for this and I think it ended up measuring about 36″ in diameter. Their baby boy was born on Monday and he is lovely. I can’t wait to see him in person. pinwheel

21 thoughts on “Another baby, another pinwheel blanket

  1. I love the colours! This has come out beautifully – one day, I’ll learn how to knit with many circulars and thenn I will suceed in making something like this. 😉

    • You only need one large circular needle. I once managed to knit an afghan border (800 stitches) on an 32” circular, so anything is possible (but I certainly would not do that again).

    • Wow, thanks a lot! That’s good to know …
      You’re right of course, 800sts is a bit much. My last project was more than 450sts on a 32″ needle and I found that uncomfortable already …

      But thank you so much for the advice! my friends can have another baby now. 🙂

  2. That is beautiful and came just in the right time. 🙂 I want to knit a baby blanket for my future niece and was just browsing ravelry wondering if I should do a patchwork like all the others got or something new and more exciting… so thank you for sharing this

  3. This pattern seems to not be available on Ravelry any more. Do you have the directions somewhere on your website or know another source for it?

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