Let the selfish knitting begin

selfish socksRemember that sock yarn I was coveting? This is what it looks like with some knitting put into it. It’s ONLine Supersocke 100-Emotion III in the colorway number 1217. I’m making some plain stockinette socks and I’m up to the heel flap. This is where I sometimes get distracted and cast on another project. And I did. The other projects are sweaters so these socks will win out again as soon as the sweaters become too big to cart around.

I’ll have more details on selfish knitting projects 2 and 3 soon…

13 thoughts on “Let the selfish knitting begin

    • Many places. I got this on ebay. I try to buy locally a lot, but sometimes I see things online at great prices or some indie dyers aren’t available elsewhere. I find great deals at WEBS, and have had good customer experiences with that store and Jimmy Beans Wool. I also love yarn from Hazel Knits and Blue Moon Fiber Arts, but can’t always find those elsewhere. There are also several dyers I’ve purchased from in etsy.

  1. I just did the same thing! After weeks of Christmas knitting, I picked up 3 pair of self-patterning socks that were lying around and knocked them out between Christmas and New Years 😀 Good fun and now I have warm tootsies!

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