Gut feelings

Sometimes you ignore the nagging feeling that something isn’t right with a project and maybe 30 rows or so later you actually check your work. Sigh. I have been working on a Smithfield pullover the last few days. I kept thinking the shoulders looked a little narrow yesterday, but the finished pic in the pattern looked so great, so I just trusted everything was ok. Well, the pattern is correct. My brain just overlooked one line that instructed me to repeat a couple of rows four more times. I just merrily moved onto the next set of repeats, not even bothering to count my total stitches because I was feeling confident. So today when I figured it out, this:smithfield mistake-2became this: smithfield mistake-3Ugh. At least I figured it out before I completed the third set of increase repeats. It could be worse. I’m blaming pregnancy brain for this one, as well as the recent debacles with Matt’s sweater (which will be photographed soon).

If you look at the original pattern you might notice the turtleneck isn’t that long. I mimicked some of the format of Oshima‘s cowl neck, hoping for a longer and looser neck. This may or may not work when worn, since Oshima uses a fisherman’s rib and this is straight ribbing that stays more snug, so I may be redoing the neck at some point if it doesn’t look how I want when blocked. We shall see.

Look who isn’t bothered by this at all:

smithfield mistake

20 thoughts on “Gut feelings

  1. Ouch (for unravelling) and congratulations (on mentioning the pregnancy brain – did I overread the good news lately or is that your way of revealing fabulous news to your faithful followers 🙂 ?) Enjoy Sunday – Carina.

  2. I’ been looking for a pattern for a particular wool i like and i think you just pointed me right to it! Sorry about the ripping out, but its going to be beautiful.

  3. Eventually we’ll all learn to listen to that feeling…actually, probably not. I think it is just guaranteed that we will always be saying, “No, it’ll be fine,” only to have to rip it back out later. I’m at that point on a scarf and I’m still telling myself I’ll make it and not run out of yarn.
    Good luck on the rest of the pattern!

  4. Yes, that sane little voice inside us the says “Whoopsie, something is amiss.” And on we knit. Glad you listened to it fairly early.

  5. I hate it when a lot of hard work has to be destroyed for a small mistake. It’s happened to me a lot and I’m learning to be more attentive. It looks like a great pullover, hopefully it’ll turn out great and you won’t have to go back again 🙂

  6. I’ve been sitting on my moms’ laps watching them knit for many years and can tell you they do A LOT of what they call “frogging.” I’ve yet to see an actual frog (wouldn’t that be fun!), but I still enjoy attacking the yarn as they unravel it yard after yard. Good luck with your project!

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    • As for knitting quickly…switching to continental style helped a bit. I’ve been knitting for about 11 years so practice makes me faster. I just always have knitting projects on me and knit when I can.

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