A little sunshine in the winter

Zooey has not been a fan of cardigans lately. The Peachick Eyes Cardigan was the last one I made her, and I’ve never even gotten her to put it on. I’m attempting another one, which may be foolish, but I’m still hopeful. This time I ordered some excellent dinosaur buttons because she likes dinosaurs. She also seems to like orange, so I’m putting some Cascade 220 Superwash Sunshine Heather that’s been in my stash to use: sunshine sleevesI’m making an Antler Cardigan. I’m making the 2-4 year old size and will likely add a couple of inches of length to the body. I love the look of this sweater and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Z will enjoy it too. She’s been interested in learning how to work buttons lately, so that gives me hope as well. If all else fails, I can try to make her future little sister wear it someday.

17 thoughts on “A little sunshine in the winter

  1. Love the buttons, they’ll go so nicely with the orange. My boys initially rejected their new cardigans too. Hope the dinosaurs will do the trick.

  2. My mom used to make things for me that I would never wear. I remember she would check the closet and complain. But I did always wear her knitted stuff. She made me an orange dress once but I owned orange patton leather shoes that match. Hopefully she will like it. I like the idea that you are using dinosaur buttons.

  3. She will love it, as will her little sister. I’m not sure if I’ve missed it or if that was your first announcement but if it was then congrats!!! Xx

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