A wee bit of tweed

breezy-2I’ve had this on the needles since the beginning of January. It’s another Breezy Cardigan out of Rowan Felted Tweed in the color Watery. I love my first Breezy and wear it often. Zooey also loves it because she often likes to be wrapped in my cardigans when possible. She says, “I wanna get in your sweater.” Of course that means I should make more sweaters I can wrap around her. breezy My gauge is modified to be more like 5 sts to the inch. This yarn is a bit heavier than fingering weight, so I just altered the math a little. Lately that hasn’t been working in my favor for projects, yet I refuse to stop! This pregnancy brain won’t get the best of me yet.

I’m loving having several things on the needles. I have this, the Smithfield, some socks, and Z’s little Antler Cardigan, which will likely be finished or close to it by the time the buttons arrive on Monday. I’ve really been talking up those dinosaur buttons to Z, so I hope they deliver!

15 thoughts on “A wee bit of tweed

  1. This is a really beautiful blue. I have never knit with Tweed so far, but have eyed it often – it definitely is on my “gotta try it out!” list! 😀 good luck with Z’s buttons, by the way!

  2. My eyes have always skimmed over the felted tweed, but that colourway is so, so pretty that all of my previous opinions have jumped from a window and washed themselves down a river. I want! 😉

  3. How do you feel about this yarn? I have been thinking for a while now in a cardigan made of it but since it is a little bit expensive I have been hesitating to buy it. Maybe better to start with a small project and see? Great color!

    • I’m enjoying working with it. I haven’t made a large garment with it yet, so I’m not sure how it will wear, but I have arm warmers made with this yarn that wear very well.

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