Blinded by the socks

I’d really like to be showing off a finished picture of Smithfield right now, and I’m so close (3 inches of sleeve ribbing) to being done. When the 70 degree weather hit last weekend I was somehow less motivated to work on a giant winter tunic. Instead, I thought I’d show some crazy bright socks that have been on my needles since September that I totally forgot about putting on the blog or Ravelry. It happens. regia socksThe yarn is Regia Fluormania in color 7188 Neon Rainbow. I had to get this yarn the moment I saw it at my LYS. I’ve heard through the grapevine, aka The Knitmore Girls, that this particular Regia yarn has a reputation for losing some color in the wash. They recommend using citric acid to fix the dye. I’ve never had a problem with Regia socks not handing a hearty amount of washing and drying, but I’m going to follow through with the dye fixing advice.

I got distracted by several other projects and left these bright babies in my WIP basket. I will probably continue to ignore them until the larger winter projects are finished, but the colors make me happy when I see them peeking out of the basket.

15 thoughts on “Blinded by the socks

  1. That is definitely a bright pair of socks. Perfect for the dark and dismal wintry days we are all supposed to be having. They do look lovely either way, and would be great thing to have peaking out from underneath a pant cuff.

  2. Every time I see a pair of these my knit-from-stash resolve loosens a little bit more. I think I might just have to grab a skein and get it over with — a girl can only resist florescent awesomeness for so long!

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  4. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love working with colors that aren’t normally chosen for larger garments for socks – it’s just a little spot o’ happiness in the knitting basket!

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