So this happened: IMG_20150317_091535I was a mere 1.5 inches from finishing Marin and I ran out of yarn. A knitter’s worst nightmare. I measured the remaining skein at the halfway point and I had over half of the ball left. I’m not sure how this happened, but apparently I must have gotten slightly looser on the second half. The gauge measures the same, but it feels a bit looser.

First I contemplated buying another ball of yarn. I love this color and would happily make something else out of it (Hazel Knits Euphorbia), but I didn’t want to pay $24 plus shipping and have to wait at least 5 days to be able to finish the project for less than two inches of knitting. So, before I take that step I’m ripping back a repeat and a half of the big chart and I’m going down a needle size. I think this will snug up my gauge enough, and hopefully I’ll scrape by with enough yarn. I really don’t think it’s going to be noticeable later at all, especially after blocking.

If I knit this thing again (because it’s lovely and I probably will), I might just use a 2. The recommended needle is a US 5, but I would have defaulted to a 4 since I’m a loose knitter. After reading so many Ravelry project page comments about people going down a needle size, I decided a US 3 was the best bet for me, but I guess I just got too relaxed in the second half. Sigh. Here I go again: marin-2

30 thoughts on “Grrrrrrrrrr

  1. UGH! It must be the Ides of March hitting a bit late or something. I had to rip back something THREE TIMES yesterday, and I never do that! At least your project is GORGEOUS and definitely worth it!

  2. This would make me panic! I’m not a very good knitter and when I mess up I basically have to start over. I’m not good at taking out stitches and I’m always impressed when knitters can do this.

    The project is beautiful and yes, that color is fantastic!

  3. Agree with an earlier comment, mabe you could find a few yards of the same yarn. I know I did help someone like that in the past, every knittter can feel your pain, and 30$+ for two inches does not make sense. Doesn’t Hazel Knits do mini- skeins now? That could be another option. Good success with your Marin.

  4. I think I am in the same situation but I am think of changing the colour for the bind off ….it will enhance the main colour and give a little twist to the original pattern 🙂 great read as usual 🙂

  5. That’s a bummer. I did the same thing with my Laylow shawl last week. But my main problem was a sloppy looking garter st/ drop st detail because I loosened up while knitting. It was way too big after blocking. So I went down to a size 2 needle and am reknitting. I’m just glad it was a shawl, not a sweater.

  6. The shawl look lovely. I always fear running out of yarn. Your fix of going down another needle size hopefully will work.

  7. I am always afraid that I will run out of yarn so I always buy extra. This project is so lovely and I absolutely love this shade of green. I don’t normally buy green yarns but this I think I would have bought. I hope the changes you are making works out for you.

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