Socks in bed

Dear readers, I am officially on bed rest until my second kiddo comes. I’m 34.5 weeks, but yesterday I started feeling some contractions and went to the doctor to get checked. I’m a few centimeters dilated so my doctor ordered me to be on bed rest until baby girl number two is a bit more well done. She’s hoping I’ll make it at least another week. When pregnant with Zooey I was this dilated at 34 weeks and she came at 35 weeks and 6 days. I’m hoping this baby stays in at least that long or longer to avoid stays in the nursery. Last time I didn’t have bed rest, so hopefully rest will keep her in there at least that long or longer.

What’s a girl to do? It’s day one and I’m already restless mostly because I know this could be awhile. I’ll pass the time with a combination of knitting and reading or knitting and Netflix bingeing I’m sure. I’m still working on the baby blanket of course, as well as Breezy. I thought I might take up these socks again.shibui socks

They’re my pattern, Kiddo Kicks, in some Shibui Sock in the color Sand. I got this back in 2007 at ImagiKnit when I traveled to San Francisco. shibui socks-2Though the yarn is gorgeous, I never could get it to work for adult socks without major pooling. Kid socks it is.

I started these when we traveled to St. Louis last week and I made myself take only small projects like baby pants and socks. I knew the projects would have to be small to be carted around in my camera case. Since I had 36 grams of this sock yarn left and I used 37 grams on the previous pairย I made for Z, it seemed like a perfect fit. If you don’t already own a small scale that measures grams and you’re an avid knitter of socks or small items where each gram really counts,ย get one. They’re tremendously helpful.

Now Z will have at least two pairs of socks for next season.

Back to resting. Wish me luck to make it another week and a half at least!

48 thoughts on “Socks in bed

  1. …but Cassy I think that last time you were also dealing with the added stress of moving house, so I am SURE you’ll make it through the next few weeks, and produce masses of socks in the meantime! Take care….

  2. Oh, take it easy! Having had a preemie (my daughter was born at 28 weeks), I KNOW first-hand how important it is to keep them “baking” a little longer. Good luck, and wonderful socks!

  3. I need to get a scale >.< best of luck on bed rest, as long as you just view it as major knitting time, I think you'll be okay ๐Ÿ™‚ I can't wait to see your new wee one!

  4. You are an amazing person and knitter! I am in “awe” of the project you have created. I’ve ony been knitting the last year and I find it so soothing. Good luck with the delivery of your new little one. I am curious to know how many hours a day you spend knitting? Also will you be knitting during you labor?

    • I knit all through the pushing last time. KIDDING! I knit during the easier parts. I had to be induced last time and knit through early stages. On an average work day I might knit 1-2 hours in the evening or on a lunch break. On the weekends maybe more like 3+ hours. I always have knitting on me and knit when I can. The time adds up.

  5. bed rest! At least there is lots of knitting, reading and netflix (I’m totally getting stuck into season 7 of mad men)time, I hope it’s an enjoyable rest, at least. I’m sure your little one will be well worth it! Those socks are lovely, by the way- that colourway is amazing.

  6. Oh I feel for you – I had to be in bed on my right side for three weeks! It was awful – can you believe I read War and Peace? I couldn’t even go to the library and it was the only thing I could think of I hadn’t read (and I know why – it was awful). So knit knit knit ……. just think of that little boo knitting away too – she’ll probably come with knitting needles and a fresh stash of yarn!

  7. Thank goodness you’re a knitter — that makes it much easier to sit still without feeling like you’re wasting your time. But of course, this is pretty important waiting you are doing! Best wishes for you and the baby.

  8. Oh no! I hope your little one bakes for a little while longer.

    Bedrest can drive a girl crazy! I was on strict bedrest from week 26 to week 36. I actually felt a little (guiltily) relieved when my daughter arrived a month early. It’s so hard to lay on the couch or bed 24/7!

  9. I did nearly five MONTHS of bed rest with my second. Think I crocheted twenty afghans during that time. Best of luck to you and yours. Hope the time passes quickly for you. I enjoyed bomb girls on Netflix, about the women who worked arms factories during world war two.

  10. Love all your posts and the colors of yarn you knit with. Thoughts and prayers for you and your new daughter for a safe and fast delivery several weeks (2+) from now.

  11. I hope your bed rest goes well and your baby stays inside long enough. I know it’s no fun to be on bed rest. I had one friend who was able to do it at home and another that was so bad with pre-eclampsia that she ended up in the hospital for 10 days. It’s a real blessing that you can be at home even though bed rest is required. I also hope your sanity stays intactโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Bed rest with knitting – you will survive! I hope you have good help and support with all the things you aren’t able to do now, so you don’t feel the pressure to just getup and do a little something. We all know how that goes!

    Love the socks, and hear you on the pooling – it can be so annoying!

  13. I am thinking of you at this time. Bed rest is hard and when I went through it I didn’t even know how to knit nor was there Netflix. Here’s to a fast couple of weeks and a wonderful baby at the end.

  14. Sending lots of positive “all is well” thoughts your way. Think of the bed rest as a spa vacation before life ramps up and you’re running in all directions at once. Find some soothing spa music, the kind with gently flowing water and rippling harps and plug into it.

  15. Wishing you all the luck in th world. My elder daughter is also at 34 weeks, and still working … I keep wishing she could get more rest but your reason for needing it has put that into perspective. Take care x

  16. I spent three weeks in bed before No. 1 (that’s almost 22 years ago now). Longest three weeks of my life. I knit an entire baby blanket, sweater and bonnet in that time. All the best!

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