Screaming spring greens

I’m so happy to finally blog about Marin. I finished this almost a month ago and should have taken pictures with it when we went on vacation in St. Louis, but I guess I was distracted by being on vacation. marinThe yarn is Hazel Knits Artisan sock in Euphorbia and I used all but a yard of the skein. For those that wish to knit Marin, do heed the numerous Ravelry project pages that speak about running out of yarn. On this post I wrote about how I ran out of yarn about 1.5″ from the end of the tip. I unravelled one of the full chart repeats and reknit with a size smaller needle because I didn’t want to wait for a new skein of yarn, and this was purchased so long ago that I would have to stripe in a second skein to blend skeins of different dye lots. The magic of hand dyed yarns can also be a downfall if you don’t have enough in the same dye lot! marin-2Reknitting with a smaller needle was not noticeable in my opinion. When looking at the whole piece I can’t even tell which side I did it on after blocking. If I knit this again I’d use a slightly larger skein of sock yarn. Hazel Knits has 400 yards. I’d just choose one that had even 10-15 more yards and that would be plenty. marin-3I adore this color. The shawl was fun to knit and is reversible. It was a pretty quick knit. Despite being one that has a chart to pay attention to, I finished it in about a week with the reknitting. marin-4It’s a fairly small shawl. I find those fit into my wardrobe better than large shawls. I will likely knit this pattern again. I love the scalloped edges and little bit of cabling.

Still bed resting away, despite my occasional sneaking out to take blog photos… Jude commented on my first post about bed rest that perhaps one of the reasons Z came early was due to the stress of us moving while I was pregnant last time. Well, apparently my being pregnant just coincides with us having to move because we found out from our landlord that we would have to move by the time our lease is up in July. My head exploded a little last week when I found this out and I was freaked, but we have some promising options that have come up in only a week that make me very hopeful. Moving with a newborn and a toddler would not be my first preference, but we will manage.

Any guesses on when this kid is going to make an appearance? My bet is the 17th or 19th or 23rd, simply because I like prime numbers.

30 thoughts on “Screaming spring greens

  1. Dear Cassy, my two kids came both exactly one week before the date but I heard that it often is really different between the kids of a family. You told us in which week Z came, so I guess my personal “wish-date” for you is more than optimistic, but I would prefer the first of may. 1. this is the first day of a new month, 2. it’s here in Germany a beautiful month of warmth but not too hot, 3. it’s a prime number as you prefer 😉 4. it’s my own birthday-month ;-p

    But in the end counts only that your kiddo is healthy! Wish you all the best for the coming weeks

  2. Oh NO Cassie! So sorry about mentioning moving! I just know things will work out for you though. One step at a time now. I admire your patience. And I vote for the 21st as delivery day.

  3. your Marin shawl is stunning, and I love that it is reversible! Great colour. That’s rough news about having to move, but it sounds like you’ve got the lead on some good places, so hopefully the absolutely perfect place for your family will appear and it’ll be better than you could have imagined in your old place. Send good home vibes your way!

  4. One of my best friends told me that her parents moved at Christmas with four kids under 7! No picnic, but they got through it (somehow). Moving is the worst, but at least the weather will be good? Sigh. Maybe you can turn packing into a game for Z.

    I love your Marin. I’ve had in my favourites for ages and every fall I look at it and hem and haw. I think I might have to just knit this lovely shawl now — yours is gorgeous!

    • I’m grateful this move doesn’t have to happen mere days (or a single day) before a baby arrives like last time. We have a little breathing room. I had the Marin pattern for over a year before I actually knit it and I can’t believe I waited that long. It’s a good one.

  5. Beautiful colors! I’m a loom knitter but am happy to say that I’ve taken up needle knitting as well. I’m very slow, but I practice in between my soap making! Congrats on your beautiful baby too!

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