One week later


I promise this won’t turn into a baby-centric blog, but my world is a bit baby-centric right for the moment. Just a week ago today this little nugget was born. We are so fully in love with her. This is one of the best parts of new parenting–having a sweet dozing baby on your chest.

We are getting the hang of things. Day 4 and 5 postpartum were rough ones with some of the rockiest emotions I can ever remember having. The hormonal storm has subsided and even though we are lacking some sleep, we are slipping into some quiet contentment.


Zooey is hanging in there. She seems ambivalent about Charlotte some of the time and enamored with her at others. It will take some getting used to and we are being accepting of all of her feelings. She seems like such a big kiddo now, having conversations, and learning so quickly.


Charlotte smiles in her sleep often. She’s completely addictive. I can already tell she’s grown in a week and is gaining well. I’m just trying to savor this time as much as possible.

I’m still able to do some knitting while she sleeps on my chest. I’m about to bind off the Breezy cardigan sleeves and start on the enormous front bands. More soon!

34 thoughts on “One week later

  1. Aw! This seriously made me well up. Maybe it’s my end-of-pregnancy hormones paired with the fact that I’m going to be in the exact same position any day now, I don’t stand a chance of not getting emotional seeing a lovely mama/baby knitting moment! Sounds like you’re all settling in well and are savouring every moment. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Congratulations! Charlotte is beautiful! As the baby grows maybe you and Zooey can have “big girl days” where it’s just you and her. My friend did this when her youngest was born. It helped the transition and actually helped her bond even more with her oldest, who is now 12 and helping care for the 3rd newest addition. Now they’ve added one for the middle girl – yes, all girls so far – and even a “sisters out day” with just the two oldest – 12 and 8 – and their mom. They go shopping, out to lunch or dinner, or a movie. It just depends on the moment and money situation. Again – congratulations! You have a beautiful family!

  3. They are both so adorable, how could you not be baby-centric! It’s good that you are able to find the time to do things for you, too. Even if that is knitting with a baby sleeping on your chest.

  4. What lovely little ones you have – baby looks really settled and ‘wow ‘- so impressed you are knitting too. May both of them allow you lots of time for yourself!

  5. How beautiful! She is a doll for sure! I don’t mind in the least if this blog becomes Babycentric! The more pictures the better! I’d love to hear her birth story too if you ever decide to share it!

  6. Congrats on your daughter! Beautiful and lovely girl again! I envie your knitting spirit, I’m having a hard time on my knitting projects with our newborn, 7 weeks old now. Nearly finished on my cardigan but gee, those straightforward arms seem so long since she is born πŸ™‚

  7. Ah I’m a granny now but your lovely pic took me right back to the days when I would snuggle and knit! Charlotte is beautiful and big sister Zooey coping really well with her radically changed world. I would personally love a babyblog! May you all be well and happy and getting enough rest…and many thanks for your inspiring blog (I now rip and redo all that is not going well!)

  8. Ah I’m a granny now but the lovely pic of you and the beautiful new babe Charlotte and amazing big sister (coping with a radically transformed world very well it would seem!)…took me right back to the times I used be knitting and snuggling ….personally I would love a babyblog! but surely will continue to enjoy your posts …you have inspired for me a radical approach to ripping it up and making it right..

  9. Such a beautiful little one and a beautiful family! So glad to get a blog post from you, regardless of the content!! How could you not find a quiet, comfy, moment to knit a bit!!

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