Sweater for a post-baby body

breezyMy second Breezy Cardigan is finished. I just did a quick steam blocking on this since I wanted to put this on while the weather is still cool enough in the early mornings and evenings to wear it. breezy-2I used Rowan Felted Tweed in Watery. This yarn is classified as DK so I did this on a size 5 needle and got a 5 st to the inch gauge. I did some algebra to figure out how many stitches should be in each section. Since this pattern provides a schematic with measurements all you have to do is take the number of inches for a section and multiply by the number of stitches in your gauge to get the number for each section. If you want a 12″ sleeve you multiply by 5 sts per inch and know that you’ll need 60 sts around your sleeve to get that measurement. Sometimes the altered gauge has numbers pretty close to another size in the pattern and I just follow the numbers for that size. breezy-3Loose fitted knits are my friend right now. Postpartum bodies are squishy weird things that take time to recover. It can be a slap in the face when 99% of your clothes don’t fit. I’m still rocking some maternity jeans since they’re the only ones that fit. It took me two years to lose all the baby weight from Zooey. I plan on working at things a little faster this time since I gained less weight with Charlotte, but in the meantime I’m trying to stay patient and positive. Healing is hard enough at this point. breezy-4Breezy is a wonderful pattern. It’s simple to execute and I LOVE wearing this design. The blanket-like fronts are excellent for cuddling small babies and toddlers as well. Zooey often asks to “get in my sweater” and I love snuggling with her in that way. breezy-5So go knit one, already!

23 thoughts on “Sweater for a post-baby body

  1. “Get in my sweater!” I love it! I want to make one if only so I can teach Rowan to request snuggles in my sweater. That sounds like heaven. You look awesome btw. With a toddler and a baby to run after I bet you’re out of those maternity jeans and feeling like yourself again in no time.

  2. love the colour, and it looks so good on you! It’s so true that post-baby bodies are very odd, but you will totally bounce back into your normal clothes soon! I gained more than the usual amount of weight when I was pregnant with my daughter, so I hear you on how tough it is. So hooray for comfy, cozy knit that flatter through the late pregnancy, post-baby, and normal body phases!

  3. Beautiful sweater! I made the Effortless sweater and loved it, but I like the idea of one in a lighter-weight yarn. The thought of sweet Zooey snuggling up in your sweater is so adorable.

  4. You look fabulous! And chasing after a toddler is its own workout, so you’ll be back to your pre-baby self in no time. Love the sweater for cuddling babies…sounds like bliss!

    • I link to every pattern in the post usually. Look for a link on the pattern name. All of them are available on ravelry.com most of the time.

  5. Your Breezy is most excellent! I love that you can wrap it around you and your daughter. That makes it extra special. Oh, and congrats on your sweet new little one. She’s a beauty.

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