Yarn, reclaimed

Guess what begins today? I’m very excited to participate in the Tops, Tees, and Tanks Knitalong (TTTKAL) put on by Shannon. I almost forgot it was happening since I’ve been behind on blog reading, but I saw stirrings about it on Instagram and started planning. This year I want to make a Togue Pond. It’s a simple tank with a bit of a hi-lo style. I don’t have Aran weight linen like the pattern calls for, but I did happen to have a top I’ve been dying to rip out to reclaim the yarn. I made a Curve Hem Top when I was pregnant with Zooey and I never liked it post-maternity. The yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% merino) in a worsted weight. It was knit at 5 sts per inch for that top and I’m just going to make a size 48″ in Togue Pond to get the 36″ at my gauge. I had a leftover ball so I could start today, but I needed to rip out the top and freshen the used yarn a bit. reclaim-5
First I wound it around my swift as I ripped it out. Then I tied up the hanks. reclaim-2I put them in some water with wool wash for a nice soak. reclaim-3And after an hour or so I pulled them out, rolled them up in a towel like I would with a finished knit, and I whacked the hanks against the bathtub to straighten them out a bit. They’re drying now. In the meantime, I cast on with the unused ball I had in my stash. reclaim-4I also have finished arm warmers to show soon. They’re blocked and just awaiting a photograph to do them justice. Getting some of my knitting mojo back!


13 thoughts on “Yarn, reclaimed

  1. lovely color! and this seems very brave to me: ripping and going back for a different project. I’m very curious about KALs–you seem to do several a year. Makes me a little bit inspired 🙂

  2. Thanks for the timely tutorial. I am aiming to rip something apart soon and re-visit. Glad I’ve got the photos to follow now! Looking forward to see what the new version of your lovely cotton fleece.

  3. That squiggly stage after frogging is always so neat. Although, the picture of it soaking makes it look like ramen which is starting to make me hungry…
    That is a really nice color to be working with for the summer.

  4. Re-using yarn is the best way to not waste and not feel bad about something you knit and does not work for you. No trace, all recyled into something new and fabulous. I’ve done this several times and still have a few of my first knits to frog. This green is so fresh and happy. I should join this KAL because I just started a sleveless top. I will check it out.

  5. hooray for re-using yarn! such a smart idea, and no doubt you’ll be a lot happier with your new top. and a pretty colour for summer, too!

  6. This will look great on you! I’m glad that you can use the yarn for something that you’ll love instead of having a garment sitting around you won’t love … Although I doubt that I had the patience to unravel it all (but then again, I have been knitting on my first cardigan since last year now …)

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