Mini Monkeys

monkeyI can’t get over blending sock patterns lately to keep socks for Z interesting. These are my Kiddo Kicks blended with the ubiquitous (for a reason) Monkey by Cookie A. Monkeys have an addictive texture that makes you keep wanting to knit just one more repeat. monkey-2I’m using leftover yarn for these. The green is some Shibui sock, but I don’t remember the color name. The upcoming color is leftover Colinette Jitterbug in Ochre. I had to alter the Monkey pattern chart by ignoring stitches 1 and 16 and eliminating rows 9 and 11 to make it work for the stitch count. To do the Monkey chart I had to have 28 sts on the instep to make the chart work. These will be a little bit bigger than the last pair I made her, but I’m sure they will be fitting by mid to late winter next year. This will make pair 4 out of the 5 (at least) I want her to have for next winter. After culling my stash I found so much great fingering weight leftover yarn that I’m sure I’ll always have some kid socks going in the background.

11 thoughts on “Mini Monkeys

  1. I love your patterns… all of them! I also really like Cookie A’s stuff… and am so glad you put a link to her work on your page. I told myself I would not knit another pair of socks after I finished my last pair (which I did last night)… but I really need to just try this pattern!
    I put a link to your site on my site:
    I look for attractive, informative, and practical sites – and love yours.

  2. I think this coloway is “wasabi” 🙂
    Great way to use your leftovers, and thank you for sharing your mods on down-sizing the monkey pattern that I adore as well!

  3. Hey Im new here and my blogs are going to be personal I am a complete novice knitter/crocheter was wondering what is the best to make socks starting out? I cant read patterns yet

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