summer smileThere are few things I love as much as delicate little sock stitches. This is some Regia Summer Smile Color in Marigold. I adore the shifts in colors. This was a gift from Carina and I just love it. This is the perfect project for reading along to Still Alice, which I started this morning. Today is my 34th birthday and so far it has been lovely.

summer smile-2You can get 34% off my patterns in celebration of my birthday until Saturday. Check them out here and use HAPPY34 as a coupon code at checkout to get the discount.

22 thoughts on “34!

  1. Happy Birthday – enjoy your day. I read “Still Alice” when I was working as a home health nurse, primarily with Alzheimer’s families – have Kleenex ready!

  2. Happy Bastille Day!….err Birthday!!! It’s my birthday too. I’m almost twice your age (66) so you have a lot to look forward to. Best wishes and happy knitting.

  3. Hope you had a lovely day – July birthday’s are wonderful (how can I not say that – my son turned 11 yesterday). Very pretty stripy socks!

  4. Hi Cassy! Love your blog, love your project, love your tips. It helps my knitting a lot 🙂
    These days, I’m a bit at a loss with a shawl I’m knitting, and was wondering if you could lend a hand?

    And a very joyful belated Happy Birthday !!!!!

  5. Belated birthday greetings! I hope your day was special and that the coming brings you smiles and oodles of socks (and sock yarn). I just learned to make socks and as I’m starting my second pair, that is the one thing I can’t get over is that lovely fabric of tiny little stockinette stitches – love it. Oh and I read Still Alice several years ago and still think of that book. Enjoy.

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