Sock crazy

I’m sock crazy over here this week. My LYS just got some Regia Design Line by Arne and Carlos. I’ve been lusting after this yarn since I saw it on their Facebook page in March. The owner, Cynthia, called me on my birthday and said she had just gotten it in stock. Did I mention I now live a block away from the yarn store? Dangerous territory. Well I immediately had to get the two colors I lusted after the most. These are Summer Night arne and carlosand Fall Night. arne and carlos-2You can see what the finished sock looks like for the colors here, or take a peek at the sock so far for Summer Night: arne and carlos sock-2The bit at the very tip of the toes is my absolute favorite part so far, and it’s coming up again soon in the striping. arne and carlos sockI wanted these to match, so I unraveled one ball to match the other. I had to lose about 9 grams of one ball to do this. I wish they were a little better matched at the starting point since they came in two balls. Luckily they have such generous yardage that it won’t be an issue.

Those repeats make me want to keep going and see what’s next…

27 thoughts on “Sock crazy

  1. I totally picked up some of this yarn a couple weeks back . . . super excited! I’ve been trying to figure out if sizing matters: as in, I have big feet . . . will the pattern repeat work. Maybe I’ll just be brave and start knitting anyway 🙂

    • Go for it – I have big feet too, and the self-striping comes out just fine. It may be a little different from socks knitted for those with more dainty feet, but there’s nothing wrong with different.

  2. I made some toe up afterthought heel socks with the Summer Nights colourway for my Mom. They are so beautiful and my mom loves them. It was hard for me to give them away!

  3. They look absolutely fabulous; unfortunately, I haven’t seen them anywhere so far. But I’m going to hunt them down … This sock yarn is just too damn beautiful to be left behind. 🙂

    • thanks, Jennifer! That’s an awesome tip! I don’t do online shopping though – but I’m from Germany, so there is a good chance that I can get it “personally”. But the tip will be useful for so many folks! 🙂

  4. I have some waiting for that “special” moment. Amazing how fast this yarn caught on and sold out everywhere. There’s still a bit on-line but I have the yellow/orange (forgot the name) and the blue/red ……. love it.

  5. oh, those socks look amazing! It does seem a bit odd that there isn’t more effort made at the manufacturing end to have them start at the same point, but I’m glad you were able to do it within the yardage.

  6. I’ve just finished my first sock in the summer nights yarn – trying to decided whether to find the same starting point so that the second one matches like you have done…

  7. you live TWO BLOCKS from the yarn store?????? Lucky ducky!!!! (I shouldn’t be so envious—-I used to OWN a yarn store, but that simply spoiled me for these days when I am simply a customer and not in ‘charge’ and most definitely living much further away than two blocks!!!!) I’ve been lusting after that Arne and Carlos yarn….great choice of color!

  8. I can’t imagine living that close to a LYS – dangerous territory. I just came back from a long weekend at Meg Swanson’s Knitting Camp in Wisconsin – even worse than living close to a LYS, you get to run a tab! Now that’s really dangerous.

  9. I almost got regia sock yarn for the socks I began last week! But the colours were far too ugly in the shop so I didn’t. Your socks are beautiful! I can’t wait for your next post on them. Are you knitting two at a time? Hannah 🙂

  10. Lucky location being so close to the yarn shop, but also dangerous as you’ve discovered. Can you tell me why, other than for the love of it, you would knit socks when they are much cheaper to buy? Are they more comfortable, longer lasting, or do you just prefer them to store bought? I have seen other friends knit their own socks and I just haven’t been convinced to give it a try yet. Convince me! 🙂

    • The only way you will be convinced is if you try it for yourself. A custom made sock feels like no other. I prefer them immensely. Cheaper is not better in this case. Plus, the hours of enjoyment while knitting them makes them very worth it.

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  12. I sighed wistfully when I saw that beautiful yarn – I’m a keen-bean crocheter but I think I need to get my knitting up to scratch so I can make a pair of socks like these!

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