More home love

chevron towelI finished another little hand towel. It’s called Seed Stitch Chevron Hand Towel and it’s available on Ravelry for free. It’s meant to be knit on a size 5 needle in DK weight yarn. I used a 7 and the Knit Picks Dishie I got last week in the color Clementine. I think it might be better one needle size down, but I’ll also have to see how it washes and dries since it may even out and snug up a bit with some drying. chevron towel-2The pattern was fun and kept me going through one more repeat… I’ll likely make a few of these. chevron towel-3It’s also reversible. Zooey saw it finished and on the coffee table this morning and she said, “It’s done?” Then she wanted to put it in the bathroom immediately. So there it stays.

I was inspired by Michelle’s latest post to check out Knit Pick’s 52 Weeks of Dishcloths. I showed this pig to Zooey and she wants one immediately. She may not wear the clothes I knit, but it seems like she’s happy to use the dishcloths and hand towels. I’ll count that as a win.

16 thoughts on “More home love

  1. My favorite is the “Hudson Bay Inspired” (probably because I am little older than Zooey …). Beautiful towel – please keep us updated. I’d love toknow whether a knitted towel is actually more convenient than a woven “regular.” Thanks!

  2. I have a reasonably large stash of cotton yarn just for dishcloths. They are my practice for using regular yarn. I’ll make a dishcloth with a new stitch. This way my practice efforts are actually making something useful.

  3. I’m wondering how useful these are. Can you use these in the kitchen as drying towels? Do you only use a certain kind of yarn? I see some comments on cotton. I think it’s a great idea as a gift but am just wondering how useful they are. Can you really dry your hands on yarn?


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