Summer days

summer socks-2I have turned the heel on these summer socks. summer socks-3See this page for yarn details. A good portion of these has been knit while snuggling Charlotte as she naps on my chest. I go back to work in a little over a week and as much as I’ll love being back, I’m also going to miss my full days with this kiddo immensely. summer socks

14 thoughts on “Summer days

  1. Beautiful socks! Adorable girl! – Good luck for those days to come. I am sure it is going to be both: you’ll miss the kiddo but at the same time being “back on track” will be good. Carina.

  2. I can’t believe my baby has been so tiny one year ago… I admire you for going back to work so early. In Quebec, we can take a year and I really think it is good for the mother and the child. Nice little socks! I should knit some for my girl!

  3. oh my! Back to work already? We here in Alberta also have a year of Maternity Leave for our new moms. Charlotte is beautiful.

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