Swatching indecisions!

swatchesShannon’s Summer Sweater Knitalong (SSKAL15) is just around the corner (starting in TWO DAYS)! I had planned to make Marshal out of this Cascade 220 Fingering in Olive Oil. The thing is, I’m not getting that close to gauge and I’m hesitant to go up two needle sizes or more. It seems like that cardigan might need some structure and the fabric might get pretty floppy at that gauge. I swatched on a size US 4 as recommended by the pattern and got 23.5 sts and 36 rows over 4″ on that needle. On a size 5 I got more like 22.5 sts over 4″. I could pick a different size and make the numbers work, as I often do. By this I mean I could use the numbers of a larger size and get close to what I want because of my smaller gauge.

But then I began having doubts about how this sweater might fit into my wardrobe in this color. I pared a lot of things down as we moved. While it’s not quite a capsule wardrobe, something like that is my eventual goal. This color is gorgeous, but I don’t have many other shirts that go with it. I could return the yarn and get something more versatile in color. Or I could knit a pullover instead like Keaton, Carpino, or Element, since a pullover in this color would look fine with jeans or other pants I own and the shirt underneath would be less important. Do you sense some Brooklyn Tweed pattern love going on? I only wish I could afford the Loft yarn to go with it right now, but that would double my sweater price. Maybe I should start knitting fewer sweaters (gasp!) so that I can afford to try a larger variety of yarns. Points to ponder.

I guess I have to keep thinking for now.

16 thoughts on “Swatching indecisions!

  1. Hi! I so sympathize with your dilemma. Have you knit with Loft? It is unlike any other fingering weight yarn I have tried. Have you checked out ? You could see what other yarns have properties closer to Loft than the Cascade 220 you have. It is a fascinating resource! Good luck!!!

  2. If ever you figure out a way to make sweaters and not spend a gazillion dollars on yarn – let me know. I am perpetually in yarn frustration these days. My taste far outweighs my wallet!

    • I make so many things out of Cascade yarns. I always find them at great prices and they have TONS of good color options. Using those yarns I can typically make sweaters for about $35-55 for adult sweaters.

      • And that’s not bad at all! I got pulled into the Plucky universe but I have to get out – cannot afford that yarn and the updates are never when I have money. Sigh. I just want to knit! Luckily quince and co. Is here in Maine and I can afford their yarn if I don’t go overboard.

  3. That is such a perfect colour for Marshall, but yeah, I know what you mean about not fully thinking out the caridgan-shirt matching situation. Carpino would be really gorgeous in this, and be a very versatile layer.

  4. It seems to me that you are overthinking it… 🙂 maybe stop thinking about it for a while, do something else and dont knit for a day or two to clear your head and then come back to it with a fresher perspective… 🙂

  5. Aww, I was really looking forward to your Marshal, but if you’re not getting gauge maybe it isn’t mean to be – I’ve found that when I’m subbing in Cascade for the BT yarns I am always way under. Something about the loftiness and tweediness of the BT makes them knit up bigger and fluffier, I think. I usually don’t wear cardigans in strong or unusual colors because they don’t match enough things, so I think your idea of switching to a pullover is a good one!

  6. Oh my gosh–Carpino is my favorite! The capsule idea is a good one: I tend to shop at thrift shops, and if there is a piece that doesn’t fit with everything else, I won’t wear it no matter how much I like it.

  7. I’ve been trying to pare down my wardrobe into a capsule this past season too, and have been indecisive about how my knits fit into that. If you spend so much time making beautiful garments, it seems a waste to exclude them from your wardrobe, but at the same time if you include all the knits then there isn’t room for anything else! I’m leaning toward not counting my handmade garments toward my capsule at all and just considering them extra bonuses. I am curious to hear another knitter’s take on that subject, as I haven’t seen much mention about capsule wardrobes in the knitting world (though I suppose I haven’t looked too hard for it). Love your blog, by the way!

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