Socks are good company

Sock projects will always be good company to me. Since I became obsessed with socks about 7 years ago hardly any time has passed between casting off one sock project and starting another (or having several going at once). Whether patterned or simple stockinette they are always good company due to their portability and functionality. I will always wear hand knit socks in the winter. Always. When I pared down my sock drawer I cast off those that were no longer favorites to my mom. She luckily has the same size feet. I think I’m down to about 16 pairs after ridding myself of some of them… summer socksThis yarn was gifted to me from Carina in Germany, simply because we both love Regia. Isn’t that sweet? The yarn is Regia Cotton Summer Smile in the colorway Marigold. It was a joy to knit and watch the happy oranges and pinks change. My favorite bit is the really multicolored part that reminds me of Fruity Pebbles. summer socks-2I did my usual heel flap that wraps around from the bottom of the sole to the back of the heel as I knit the socks from the toe up. When people ask me what sock pattern I’m using or what my favorite sock pattern is, I tell them I like my own! All of my socks are knit in this way, and if you’re wanting a basic one you can look at any of them and just ignore the cable or lace instructions if you want a plain sock. Some are free, some are for sale. Check them out. Experiment. I love this heel because it provides strength and cushion all about the heel.

Cast on some socks this summer and have warm feet in the fall. Favorite sock patterns? I’m always looking for more sock love.

18 thoughts on “Socks are good company

  1. I’m in the middle of knitting socks too 🙂 I knitted my first sock ( for my son) a couple of weeks ago (from a pattern In a book) and now I’m hooked! I’ve just started the second sock of my second pair ( for the husband this time). I ve only knitted them from the leg down, I’m curious to try your method. With the second pair I followed a pattern given to me by lady from the yarn shop, but I’m not convinced as I find them a bit too loose around the calf… So I’m looking forward to try yours 🙂 I love your blog it’s always so inspiring, thank you for taking the time to update it. I know you are a busy mum of two so thank you!

  2. Hi!
    Nice socks! I also love knitting socks… (I started knitting again last fall) because it is easier for me than sweaters or cardigans. I use some plain sock pattern, and then I try to invent a nice design or use a nice stitch for it 🙂
    Keep on knitting, yours are really beautiful 🙂

  3. Still obsessed 5 pairs later. I made some Rose City Rollers and they are the best directions for a sock newbie. I just finished Simple Skyp socks and they were very nice. Can’t narrow down my favorite socks yet- still in discovery phase. I will try Regia and I love the marigold colorway- definitely fruity pebbles.

  4. I have three pairs on the needles right now: two plain stockinette pairs and a cabled pair I started over the weekend when I got bored of the ribbing on my sweater. I always have socks going too. I love the portability and there is something so comforting about knitting a plain pair.

    I love how your yarn knit up!

  5. Yay, more beautiful socks! Right now, I have “River Rapids” on the neeedles – it’s a free pattern and I could kick myself for not knitting it sooner! It looks awesome in unicoloured yarn. 🙂

  6. Love your socks and ALL your knitting projects. It’s so fun to follow what you’re doing. My favorite sock pattern is Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I’ve made several (for me and for others). Easy pattern and it works with all sorts of yarns. Right now I’m working on a basic ribbed pair for my husband. Gotta keep him happy!

  7. I can not think of anything more beautiful than your socks to be made of Marigold! They look fabulous. I really have to start knitting socks again (it’s been to warm in Berlin lately to knit anything …).

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  9. I’ve had a sock conversation with you before. I asked you to convince me why handknit socks are worth the time. You told me I had to try them to know why. Soooo, I’ve taken the plunge and am just about to finish off the second sock of my first pair. I love the color you knit above, such a fun package to find in the mail! I picked up some sock yarn for the first pair that didn’t have any wool in them and has a little elastic in the yarn so it has some stretch. I went back to the store and found some sock yarn on clearance that contains wool after I had started knitting the first sock and found it to be quite easy. I’m thinking of making handknit socks for Christmas gifts. I have to go back and find your instructions on how to set the color in my socks before washing them though as the colors are so pretty and vibrant and I don’t want to lose that.

  10. I’m so glad that you posted this! I’m catching up on my blogroll while finishing up my second pair of socks, and was just hoping to find a new pattern to try! Thanks for linking to your patterns! The only bad thing is that now I really want to try Regia! 🙂 Your socks are beautiful!

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