Racing sweaters

When I got a few inches into my SSKAL Carpino I really got the urge to cast on something that might be wearable sooner. I’ve been meaning to make a 3/4 sleeve Gemini like Jane Richmond’s example. I had some Knit Picks CotLin, so I just cast it on and ordered a little extra. Luckily the dye lots matched well. I’ve taken a little break from this one, but it got a lot of action during some work meetings a couple of weeks ago. gemini-2Carpino and this one are neck and neck progress-wise. This one could be finished much more quickly if I put focus on it, since it’s primarily stockinette and at a larger gauge. I get bored with this one more easily and want to go back to Carpino. No matter which one I finish first, I’ll still have two fall-appropriate sweaters soon.

This is my fourth Gemini. I made two for Z and this is the second one for me. It just feels like a classy piece of clothing that I can’t get enough of!

5 thoughts on “Racing sweaters

  1. I loved the 3/4-sleeve version that Jane Richmond posted about. It’s such a smart mod and I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. I’ve been thinking a lot about sweaters lately (it is that time of year), and this would be such a good one.

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  3. This looks great so far! I love Jane Richmond’s sweater patterns and I’m making a 2nd Oatmeal pullover. I’m about to cast on a 3rd! Maybe I will knit the Gemini soon 🙂

  4. It’s beautiful! I can’t knit at work (it would look bad, even when I am working in the back office), but it’s great that you can knit it by-the-by … It goes so much faster! 🙂

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