Delicious, delicious tweed

Keaton-2Behold the delicious single ply Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal that’s on its way to becoming a Keaton pullover. On Yarn Sub this yarn was recommended as a good substitute for Loft, so I’m giving it a shot. It was available at my LYS and I drooled over it for about a month before I couldn’t keep it out of my paws any longer. It got me gauge on a washed swatch, so I’m off!

KeatonSo far it’s been a pleasure to knit. I can’t stop staring at the beautiful tweed flecks as I knit it. It’s also got a teeny bit of cashmere which makes it softer as it’s worked than it would seem from the feel of the ball. I know this will go a bit slower in a fingering weight and a woven stitch, but I think the finished product is going to look incredibly elegant, so I’m happy to put in the time.

What are your favorite new fall knits?

16 thoughts on “Delicious, delicious tweed

  1. That is one of the most gorgeous yarns I have ever seen!

    I’m working on a Gemini (thank you, btw) in KnitPicks CotLin, color Blackberry. It’s a very, very deep purple that almost looks black.

  2. Really, really loving that texture and color. I knit up a sweater in this yarn, too, and it works up beautifully. Just be careful because it does break pretty easily – I already had to patch up a small break in my pullover when my puppy jumped on me and got his claw in it.

  3. Very elegant! I’ve just knitted a Nurmilintu shawl in the Fine Donegal. It’s getting softer and softer. It’s a teal colour with flecks of blue and turquoise. I don’t think there’s a colour that isn’t fabulous!

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