Magic pants?

magic pantsAs you can see, I made more baby pants. Obviously they’re too fun and fast to resist. I also think these might be magical. The other day Charlotte was lightly snoozing and woke to eat. I slipped the mostly finished (ends not woven in) pants on her to see how they fit. She fell back asleep and slept another TWO HOURS. The same thing happened today, except for longer. Okay, it could also be a growth spurt, but why not say it’s the pants so I have an excuse to knit another dozen pair of these…magic pants-3

These are very similar to the last pair. I cast on 98, but used a size 3 needle for the top ribbing this time. I used up the rest of my gray Laines du Nord Baby Milk (soooooo soft and I wish it wasn’t discontinued) for the waist ribbing and an inch of ribbed cuff at the ankles. I had some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in Blue Moonstone left over. I switched to that after the waist ribbing and only increased by 8 stitches this time to keep it more like a 6 month size for Charlotte. I knew I wouldn’t have enough of that so I threw in some Koigu KPM (color 2339) for stripes. You might notice that I like pairing these kinds of colors together based on this sweater for me and this one for Zooey. I really should get a group shot while these all fit us.magic pants-2I swear I will knit other things besides baby pants… magic pants-4But look at her smile!

15 thoughts on “Magic pants?

  1. I wish I could knit like you. Reading about your patterns sounds like a different language that I wish I spoke. One of these days I will have enough time to teach myself. In the mean time I’ll just visit your blog. What a cute baby!!

  2. Of course I like the knitted pants, the are so original, but most of all I like them because they are made with so much love!!!! That’s why they are so magic and beautiful. But I have to be honest and tell you that I like a lot more the smile of your little baby!!! She’s so pure, so full of life, so happy and so beautiful!! i’m sure she will be proud of her mommy and her clothes that you made specially for her! :* Send you a big hug and take care

    • yes! You are right. The best part of these pictures us that lovely,lovely baby! When she look at it some years later, the love and pleasure brings her will be priceless.

  3. Yes, Pura was right!The best part of these pictures was that lovely,lovely baby! When she look at those pictures some years later, the love and pleasure brings her will be priceless.

  4. I love the ease with which you take on your knitting projects. Though I like the thought of knitting I don’t have the persistence it takes to get through these projects. But nonetheless I am enjoying knitting through your blog.
    ps: your baby is such a darling!!

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