Just the highlights

This is an eye popping bright highlighter yellow color in person. I don’t know if my camera can’t quite handle it, or I can’t make my editing software express it, but this picture doesn’t do it justice. grahamImagine the brightest highlighter you’ve used and then you have it. On Friday while home with a sick kiddo I decided I needed to cast on a new hat that very minute and it should be in this Manos Maxima Highlighter (2060) I had in my stash. I love this yarn. It’s not practical for everything since it’s a single ply, but it’s buttery soft. I recommend a blunter needle to accompany it for knitting.

A quick Ravelry search brought me to a hat I’d had in my favorites already, Graham. This is a free pattern, so I don’t mind sharing more specific edits. I cast on 96 sts as the pattern calls for, but that seemed too large, so I ripped and went with 92 sts and increased by 4 when I got to the broken rib texture.

So far it’s been a lovely knit and I will surely be easily spotted in a crowd.

12 thoughts on “Just the highlights

  1. I really enjoy your blog, and I get excited whenever I see you have a new post. Your projects are inspiring and motivate me to challenge my knitting skills. On another note, I was hoping you could share your thoughts on WordPress as your email subscription service. I use WordPress for my website, but I have used both Constant Contact and Mailchimp to manage subscribers for my blog. My experience has been positive with both, but I wonder if it is worth simplifying to just one company. Thank you in advance for anything opinions you have to share.
    Best wishes, Ilah

    • I can’t speak for any mailing services. I don’t use one. I just have people follow via WordPress or Bloglovin. It’s not very involved. I actually don’t know how to contact anyone or edit. I believe I just show up in a subscription feed when I post.

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  3. Hey. I have a question. When binding off toe up 2-2 ribbed socks, have you ever done a little bit of 1-1 rib at the top? I was just wondering about doing that. Is 1-1 any less stretchy than 2-2?

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