Working the angles

graham hat-3I had some fun moving my bathroom mirrors around today to get a picture of Graham from different angles. The bathroom is the brightest and whitest room in my house, so it seemed like the perfect place for some slouchy hat selfies. graham hatI’m pretty fond of this hat already. I downsized the brim by 4 stitches for a more snug fit. I knit until the hat was 9 inches before I did decreases, and then I did them as written. graham hat-4The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Highlighter. I love it. graham hat-5This feels like a hat I could keep on my head nonstop. It’s comfortable. It stays in place. It will be easy to locate. graham hat-2Enough said. Go make one.

15 thoughts on “Working the angles

  1. I love it! That color is awesome. I made a couple of Graham’s last year as holiday gifts and they were a big hit. Hope you get lots of use out of yours!

  2. looks utterly fantastic!! love the highlighter colourway, and this hat looks so perfect- nice texture, nothing fancy, totally classic.

  3. Well, a challenge can’t be ignored and it looks so soft and so much fun – so I just went and ordered some of the yarn in the shocking (pink) colourway despite umpteen knitmas projects on the needles…. The only addition will be a couple of rows with added hatnut safe reflect thread (winter visibility for a small person).

  4. This is so cute! And I love that it’s in worsted yarn. I’ve been working on so many projects in sock yarn lately that worsted would be a very welcome change 😍 And I think I have a skein of Manos worsted somewhere in my stash…

  5. Perfect, I’ve just had a request for a hat for my daughter’s boyfriend and this will fit the bill nicely so thank you for the link to the free pattern. That highlighter colour is amazing! Great for winter visibility too.

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