Early Christmas

Sometimes I just can’t wait until Christmas to give a gift, especially a knit one. I managed to knit this Graham hat for Matt completely in secret, but about 10 minutes after I finished it yesterday I wrapped it and gave it to him. graham-2 The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Gaea Sport in Everyday Grey. This yarn is definitely not sport weight. Keep that in mind if you ever order it with a sport weight project in mind. I originally used it for this skirt and had to alter the pattern to make it work. It’s close to a heavy DK or light worsted weight, much like Cascade 220 Superwash. grahamThis time I knit the pattern as written, casting on 96 stitches as prescribed, and knitting for 7.5″ before making decreases. I added about an extra 1.5″ of slouch to the one I made for myself. I like the slouch in mine, but sometimes it just folds in half and looks a bit weird. graham-3Matt has absconded with mine a few times, so I decided he needed his own. He likes it and I’m happy that mine will remain for my use. Maybe I’ll even borrow his a few times…

8 thoughts on “Early Christmas

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  2. Great to see Matt modelling the Graham hat. Thanks to your earlier link I’ve made one for my son in an undyed British worsted yarn and I’m just doing the decreases on one for my daughter’s boyfriend using Rooster Almerino in an Aran weight and a sea green colour. I think the next one on my needles may be for me. Happy knitting and Merry Christmas.

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