Five month socks

summer nights-2Sometimes socks take five months. In the case of these Regia Arne and Carlos Summer Night colorway socks, that was the case. I started them mid-July, but I promptly got distracted oh so many times by other more captivating projects. Sometimes I also get burned out on stockinette socks (gasp! never!). It’s true. It was the arrival of wool sock season that motivated me to finish these. summer nightsMy favorite bit is the red and white section with the teal bands on either side. I will happily add these to my winter sock rotation and hopefully finish their siblings soon.

12 thoughts on “Five month socks

  1. Those socks are awesome, if I see that yarn at my lys I’ll have to snap it up and copy your fabulous socks. And don’t fee bad about the 5 months- I’ve got socks in progress that are about a year old….

  2. I think they are stunning. the falls ones, too, by the way. You did so much other gorgeous stuff in between, the five months were definitely well-spent. 😉

  3. Why are socks so hard to finish?! These are gorgeous, I love the yarn! Well done for getting them finished. (I’m trying to ignore the cries of the half-knitted socks, abandoned on needles, buried in the forgotten remains of my finish-it-later box).

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