We’re not above bribery over here

Zooey got some mittens for Christmas from me. She recently lost one of her sparkly rainbow mittens (which were getting a bit small anyway), so it seemed time to wiggle some yarn about and make a new pair. I used leftover Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight in KMFBLA for the main color and some Colinette Jitterbug in Paint Box for the cuffs. mittens-3I made these top down, using this pattern roughly. Making mittens top down has the advantage of being the knitter being able to make them exactly as wide as wished, without a gauge swatch! If you make them both at once (or divide your yarn evenly by weighing it) it also lets you use up every bit of yarn if you’re worried about running low. I knew I was likely to run out of purple or get very close to that, so this was my strategy.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, but I was making my gusset decreases across the palm rather than just in the thumb area. They make more of an arch. I think my mistake might make for more flexible thumb movement and comfortable wear, but I doubt Z will give me the full review to confirm it. mittensSo where does the bribery come it? I had to promise Z three chocolate chips to get her to take a photo wearing the mittens. She likes them, but she takes umbrage at having her photograph taken on occasion, so this seemed the quickest way to come to a good compromise.mittens-2

If I’d had enough yarn I would have made a third mitten, so when one is inevitably lost there is a back up. Alas, I ran out of purple, so that venture will have to wait for the next set of mittens.

8 thoughts on “We’re not above bribery over here

  1. Cute Mittens! My Mom would bribe me with a single M&M as a kid! LOL! I can’t believe how easy I let her off. 🙂 Three Chocolate Chips is an improvement…candy shells aren’t great anyhow!

  2. Very cute mittens and a very reasonable bribe. We had to give my nephew a cookie and turn on an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to get a picture of him in the pajamas I made him for Christmas. 🙂

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