A twice-knitted sweater

romane-6Charlotte got a sweater for Christmas. I ended up knitting 85 percent of it twice because I would have run out of yarn otherwise. It was a bit of an adventure. romaneThe pattern is called Romane or Roman. The yarn problem was not with the pattern, though I think they could have estimated a bit more yarn to be on the safe side. In the pattern there are options for making the sweater straight or with an A-line and they don’t specify whether the long sleeved yarn requirements are for the sweater knitted with or without A-line increases. Otherwise it’s a lovely little pattern. romane-3The yarn, on the other hand, fooled me well. I had some leftover Gaea Sport in Marina from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. When I originally purchased the yarn the yardage was listed as 740 yards on the website and ball band. When I was trying to figure out how many yards I had left I went to the Ravelry page for the yarn to get yardage information for my algebra and saw that 560 was the listed yardage. The page mentions that older skeins were incorrectly labeled.romane-2It’s a bit disappointing because I thought I had 407 yards (.55 of one ball) and it turns out I only had 310 yards. That would be barely making it, maybe for the long-sleeved 12 month size. It’s also unfortunate that I thought I was buying 740 yards and I wasn’t. If this purchase hadn’t been over two years ago I’d write them to try to remedy that.romane-5I risked it and went ahead. As I was knitting the sleeves it became apparent that I really and truly would be running out of yarn before finishing the sleeves or the button bands. I ripped everything back to the cabled yoke band and reknit on a size 8 needle, using the numbers for the 6 month size with my larger gauge. It worked with 3 yards of yarn to spare and knitting the sleeves and body to 8 inches each for some room for growth. romane-4The buttons are from Wood Buttons. I don’t remember the exact style, but they seemed to work well with this sweater. I will have to restock my collection of 1/2″ or smaller buttons soon since those are so handy for baby and toddler sweaters.

The older Zooey gets, the more I realize that when Charlotte gets to be her size many of those sweaters will look very worn from regular use and the inevitable stains that happen to many pieces of toddler attire. I don’t think I’ll mind making Charlotte plenty that are all her own.

24 thoughts on “A twice-knitted sweater

  1. That was a good save! I’m currently doing similar math for a sweater I want to make for myself, because I’m pretty sure that, if I’m not careful, it’ll be either a cropped sweater or a short-sleeved one, neither of which I want! It’s interesting that knitting on a larger gauge saved you so much yarn. I’ll have to see if I can wrap my head around that and see if that works for me, too!

  2. So frustrating. I had a similar experience when I bought alpaca yarn from the grower and the ball band had no yardage on it. When I asked, the lady said it was about 250 meters which I thought was a bit odd as it as a 50gram skein. Then when I went onto the website to see if I cold check before adding the yarn to the Revelry database, I saw that it was only half the yardage I was told. Luckily I had bought an extra skein. Love your cardigan and the photos.

  3. Charlotte is adorable and the sweater turned out fabulous! The yarn and buttons were perfect. As much as I hate frogging, it was the right choice to make this beautiful sweater.

  4. Zooey is an adorable model — so delightful it’s hard to focus on the darling sweater. I hope your new year brings you lots of squishy yarn.

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