The magically adjustable sweater

keaton-6At long last, Keaton is finished. I began this adventure in September and finished all of my seaming last Thursday evening at knit night. I began by making the 38.5″ bust size, thinking I didn’t want as much ease as the pattern specified. keaton-5I blocked each piece to measurements before seaming, like a good little knittress. Then I knit the collar and seamed and seamed and seamed. When I tried it on Thursday night it was snug. Definitely more snug than I wanted. For a moment I was quite sad. I worked on this baby for almost four months in fingering weight woven stitch. Major time investment.

keaton-4I kept my cool and went home and gave it a good soak in some Eucalan and then took it back to the blocking board. This time I used my wires to be a little more aggressive and to get the waist shaping exactly how I wanted it. At the last minute I decided to block it for the next size up, giving myself that extra ease, because in the moment it seemed like the sweater could easily handle it. keatonAnd it did. keaton-2I didn’t do much with the collar in the way of blocking. I think when I wash it next I may fold it in half while it dries to try to make it stand up better. If I were to knit in this yarn again I’d probably go down a couple more needle sizes on the collar to achieve a slightly stiffer result. This is Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal in Winter Rose. I haven’t worked with Loft, which the pattern suggests. Loft is a 2-ply yarn while mine was a single ply. I could see that affecting the stiffness of the collar.keaton-3I tried the collar left unfolded (as shown in the fifth picture from the top), folded in half (top and other pictures), and folded in thirds to make it a bit more stiff (fourth picture down). When folded in half it flops a bit more than the sample. I still like it, but I do wish it was more like that one. I’m reconsidering knitting it.

The sleeves look good fully unfolded, with one fold, or with two. I like that I can pull them further over my wrists in the cold or they fold back well to stay out of my way if needed.

This pattern was well written with elegant little details. I added length to the sleeves and the body, by an inch or so, as I often do.

Though I may give that collar a second pass, I’m so glad this can be marked done and be off my mind. I have sweaters for both Zooey and Matt in the mental works that they will hopefully love.

13 thoughts on “The magically adjustable sweater

  1. It’s a beautiful sweater, well done! I have recently unraveled a big sweater project of mine because it was too snug… At the time I asked on a ravelry forum if I could make it one size bigger when blocking time comes and I was told that probably not. After reading you I’m now wondering what it would have looked like if… Could you tell me more about your blocking board and these mysterious wires you mention? 🙂

    • If I hadn’t been all the way finished I doubt I would have tried blocking alone. Blocking wires are fairly sturdy cables you can use for edges of knits. Mine are prob a yard long and are from Knit Picks. I should have taken a pic! I put one on both sides of my sweater and curved them to the proportions and used T pins to keep them in place. They just keep the edges smooth. Sometimes if I use only pins I get pointy spots with aggressive blocking.

  2. Ps: I watched the new Star Wars yesterday, there s no way I would have managed to knit while watching it. 🙂 I was thinking about you during the film, imagining you knitting away in the midst of all this! 😀

  3. I think you did a great job! Love the sweater and the way it fits you. Reminds me of an aran sweater which I spent A LOT of time creating. Now I will give another try to add a little more ease. Thanks for sharing!

  4. If it’s not knit in the round, there is another tweak to make it bigger. I’ve used it a couple of times. I knit two long strips, with the necessary measurements, and insert them into the side seams, from the hem, to the cuff. The first time I did it, 55 years ago, it was on a red sweater with black edging at the neck, cuffs and bottom, so I did the strips in black also – got lots of requests for the pattern!!

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