Bright Bitty Breezy

Last weekend I was hanging out in my latest Breezy, hiding behind “the wings” and being playful at the dinner table. Zooey commented that she would like a “wing sweater” and of course I had to jump at the chance to make her one. breezShe said she wanted purple so I pulled out some Regia in this vivid Violett color. I love this color and have 920 yards. I thought it would be perfect and luckily, so did she. I originally got this on vacation in Kansas City and thought back then (a couple of years ago) that it would be lovely for a little dress or something for Z.

I’m making the 4T size. She was so excited and cooperative that I was able to take measurements on the spot! I will add a little length (an inch or two) to the body, and maybe a half inch to an inch to the sleeves. Otherwise the 4T size should be just perfect. I can’t wait to give Zooey her “wings.”

6 thoughts on “Bright Bitty Breezy

  1. I saw a picture of the cutest sweater for toddlers. The woman’s granddaughter wanted dragon wings on a sweater. She found a thrift store sweater, She knit the wings, sewed them onto the sweater. She made a loop that went around the child’s wrist so she could “open” her wings and fly. By buying the sweater she got it all done in time for Christmas. She showed a picture of her granddaughter flying on the playground. Too cute!

  2. I like the color you knitted for yourself and this one for your daughter is wonderful too. You definitely have to do a mother-daughter shot. I have this pin of a mother and daughter in similar dresses. The daughter is standing on something. They’re holding hands and have sunglasses on and aren’t smiling. I thought that was editorial chic.

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