Yarn yesterday, hat today

betwixt-2At my LYS the lovely owner, Cynthia, recently knit herself a Betwixt out of Mirasol Sulka, a yarn I had never tried before. It was gorgeous and had enough silk to give it a bit of sheen. And it was warm when I tried it on. Just what you want in a winter hat.betwixt-3The yarn I originally used for Betwixt is now discontinued, but Sulka seems like a wonderful alternate. This shade is called Steel Blue. Up close it has a lovely bit of variation in color in the single ply strand. I like to think this is probably the color of Rearden metal Ayn Rand was describing in Atlas Shrugged. 

It did split a bit when I was knitting it, so it kept me on my toes, but it is lovely.betwixt-4I’m leaving the buttons off of this one, partly due to laziness, and partly because I don’t have anything on hand that I’m dying to use. betwixtIt hugs the head in the most delicious way. Sulka has a bit more body than the original SMC Tweed used for the original design. It’s a comforting head snuggle I know I’m going to enjoy for many winter days to come. betwixt-5


12 thoughts on “Yarn yesterday, hat today

  1. Mirasol Sulka is one of my favorite yarns (but a little pricey for a sweater’s worth, those are small skeins!) Love your gorgeous hat, it looks fantastic, great texture.

    • It took me two days, but I was working full time on those days as well. The pattern is available for sale on Ravelry. You can find it by clicking on “Betwixt” linked above or by searching “Betwixt” on Ravelry.

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