riftMost of the time I wait and make a blog post when I’ve started a new project, or when I’ve reached a significant point of progress. I thought I would wait until I had one side of this Rift finished up to the top of the neck before writing about it again, but my knitting time has dwindled, and I don’t want to wait to say hello. So, hello.

This project has gotten much more enjoyable with the armhole shaping. It has a chart. I tried to explain charts to Zooey yesterday and I’d like to think she got it a little bit. The picture makes sense with the actual item. rift-2I took these photos in the bathtub. In the late afternoon that’s the only place in the house that gets great lighting, so that’s where the sweater got it’s second photoshoot. If you want more details about the project, take a peek on my Ravelry project page.

9 thoughts on “Hello.

    • The window by the bathtub gets all the Western afternoon light and the shower curtain filters a bit. I’d love to learn more about using light boxes.

    • I’m dying to teach Z. I gave her short Knitting needles that are different colors for learning. She calls them her “knitters” and she mostly pokes them into swatches.

  1. Woah. And I thought “Oh no, something bad happened …”
    Glad to hear that the only “problem” is the bathtub being the only place with decent light for photographing in the afternoon!

    I like the colour of the sweater very much … Has Zooey picked up knitting yet? 😉 Or is she not interested in yarn at all?

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